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3 March 2014

The Volkswagen Factsheet

Among the first car brands in history, is Volkswagen. It is one of the top selling car brands and apparently, the second largest automotive maker across the world. Featured in the top 10 list of the all time best selling cars, Volkswagen boasts of three brands; the VW Golf, VW Beettle and VW Passat. The name Volkswagen basically means ‘The People’s Car’. This is because it is a car that has been loved so much by people, mostly due to its economical nature. One of the models of this car brand won the World Car of the Year in 2006.

The brand was founded in 1930, when Adolf Hitler was then an Axis leader in Germany. By this time, there was still war in the world and for that, he sent an order to Dr. Ferdinan Porsche and North Hope. Hitler needed a car to be designed by the engineer and car designer. He needed a car that would be used in the desert war, which was called the Volkswagen. The Volkswagen battery was designed to be able to endure the harsh desert condition. The first car model is made and begins selling at around 1938, and people are attracted to its efficiency, durability, economical and above all, its affordability.

The Volkswagen Gold Mk7 offers 217bhp 2.0 litre 4-cylinder that is turbo charged. There is an available performance pack, which increases the output to about 227bhp. The Golf model has a wide range of engines from a standard 84-horsepower 1.2ltr petrol to turbo charged.

Another Popular model is the 2012 VW Jetta GLI, which features a 4-banger turbo it is more sporty and has a sleek design. This car is ideal for an enthusiast as it has a 200bhp along with a torque of 207 lb/ft, coming from the 2ltr turbo charged tank. It also has a 6-speed manual transmission and for an automatic transmission, 6-speed double clutch with a paddle shifter.

There are several electric brands that has been designed with Volkswagen battery, which powers the car with electricity in order to save on fuel consumption. Generally, most of the VW models are small enough for less people, but there are also some vans, which can accommodate a bigger family. If you own a VW car and you are around Syndey, you can call 1300 468 931 and get your VW battery. You will be sure of getting any type of battery that you need for your VW car model. In addition, the phone line service is online throughout the days of the week. So whatever time you might need to call, you can simply dial and get your battery immediately.

When you call 1300 468 931, you will get your Volkswagen car battery quote and whenever you are, your battery will be delivered to you in the simplest and most comfortable way. There is no any registration needed to enjoy the services, neither will you be charged any fee. All you need to do is make a call and you will be served by a professional within a matter of minutes. It is the best opportunity to get the best services for your Volkswagen model.


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