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car breakdown assistance
Car Not Starting

If your car doesn’t start and is leaving you stranded but you need to get going again as soon as possible then you need to give us a call immediately. We work out what is the main issue over the phone and if it’s something that we can fix, we can dispatch a technician to your location in as little as 2 minutes. The faster you call us the sooner we can come to you. So call us now on 1300 468 931.

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tyre repair replacement
Flat Tyre?

Having a flat tyre is annoying but can also be very dangerous. If you want to change the tyre yourself it’s fairly straight forward, here is an instructional video on how change a tyre. Or if you prefer to relax and let someone else change the tyre for you, then gives us a call now and we’ll send out our technician. All you need to do is sit back and relax and we’ll do all the hard work.

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fuel supply
Out of Petrol

In this hectic day and age where there are so many pressures in life and so much stress, we can sometimes forget to fill up on petrol. Don’t worry this happens to all of us. Rest assured that we can help bring you some petrol so you can be on your way again. Don’t be stuck on the side of the road, we can get you going again in as fast as 50 minutes! We are here to help you so call us now.

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jumpstart response
Need a Jump start?

Who hasn’t made the mistake of leaving the car, bike or truck lights on? I’m sure we all have made this simple mistake more than once. If your battery is flat from leaving the lights on or from any other reason, there are a couple of solutions. One is to jump start yourself which you can find some useful information on how to jump start a car yourself, or what’s even easier is if you call us and we’ll do it for you.

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locksmith response
Locked out?

If you’ve locked yourself out of your own car and if you need to get back into your car fast then you can depend on us to help get you back in and going again. Our team of highly experienced and qualified technicians are trained to get you back into your car or truck even if you’ve accidentally left the keys in there. We would be delighted to be able to help you, so just give us a chance and call 1300 468 931.

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towing response
Need a Tow?

In the event your vehicle cannot be repaired at the roadside, we will arrange for one of our specialised Towing providers to collect your vehicle and deliver it to your home or to the nearest approved repairer for further work. Whatever your problem Roadside Response can help, day or night.

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Roadside Assistance
No Compulsory Memberships, No Annual Fees!

No annual fees (no compulsory memberships just to get roadside assistance). Pay only for the service as you need it and when you need it.

  • We usually get to you within 1 hour (depending on traffic and weather conditions)
  • We service all areas
  • To ensure the safety of your vehicle our technicians are fully qualified and well experienced
  • We are committed to getting you back on the road… FAST!

Call 1300 468931
or use our SmartApp to book

No annual fees (no compulsory memberships just to get roadside assistance). Pay only for the service as you need it and when you need it.

  • Call us now for a competitive quote
  • It takes just two minutes over the phone or via our Smart App and we can have a technician on the way!
  • For your convenience, all of our call-out vans carry mobile payment systems
  • We accept Credit Card, EFTPOS and Cash
  • It’s ‘Pay As You Go’ Roadside Assistance, because life keeps moving and so should you.
roadside assistance Wollongong NSW

Get Prompt and Efficient Roadside Assistance in Wollongong

With the many advantages of car ownership comes the occasional frustration a car breakdown. Unfortunately, many car breakdowns happen at the most inconvenient times – when you really need to make an appointment or get to work.

When these situations occur you need to be able to turn to a reliable company that provides efficient roadside assistance in Wollongong. At Roadside Response, we believe in providing first class service that will get your car started and you on your way as quickly as possible. Here’s what we offer:

Is Your Car Not Starting?

Sometimes you can quickly work out why your car won’t start and rectify the problem; however there are other situations that aren’t so easy to fix. When your car breaks down and you have no idea why, we are the people that can help. All you need to do is call us. Our dedicated team of experts for roadside assistance in Wollongong will ask you a set of questions and guide you through troubleshooting the problem. In many cases, we are able to identify what the problem is during that initial phone call. We’ll have a technician heading in your direction once we know what the problem is and how we can help.

Are You Stuck With A Flat Tyre?

Flat tyres are inevitable for all car owners. Changing tyres can be time consuming, dirty and maybe, a little dangerous. While many people are capable of changing tyres on their own, others might not have the right equipment or the confidence to successfully change a tyre.

That’s where we come in. Our technicians for roadside assistance in Wollongong can normally reach your location in one hour, and quickly change the tyres.

Have You Run Out of Petrol?

People are very busy today and it’s not uncommon for small things to slip their minds. You might forget to refuel your car, or underestimate just how much fuel you might need to reach your destination.

This is one of the most common reasons why people end up stranded on the road with an empty tank. Resolving the situation is as simple as giving us a call. We can get petrol to you as a part of our services for roadside assistance in Melbourne.

Do You Need a Jumpstart?

Have you ever had the sinking feeling of realising that you’ve left your car headlights on overnight? Have you ever experienced the frustration of trying to get a car started with a dead battery? These are common experiences shared by most drivers.

When your battery needs a jumpstart we can do that for you. Just give us a call and our technician will be happy to call at your location to jumpstart the car battery for you.

Are You Locked out?

Locking your keys in the car is such an easy mistake to make- and nearly everyone has done it at least once. If you find yourself caught in such a situation, you can opt for our roadside assistance in Wollongong services and we’ll open the car door for you and hand you the keys.

At Roadside Response, we offer an emergency roadside assistance service. We don’t bind you to an annual contract or fee. You need to pay for only what you get. For immediate assistance, you can give us a call on 1300 468 931. If you have any queries in relation to our Roadside assistance, feel free to complete, this online form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

If you need to get back up and running fast, give us a call now on 1300 468 931