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8 April 2014

Victory motorcycle, the brand, top models and motorcycle battery

The Polaries Company initially started as a manufacturer of snowmobiles. However, they decided to expand in their line of production by introducing the manufacturing of motorcycles. In 2011, they bought the Indian motorcycle brand. This put them directly in place to compete with high-end motorcycle manufacturing companies that were in the industry the like, Harley Davidson.
Victory motorcycle is an American manufacturer of motorcycles. Its final assembly facility is located in Spirit Lake, Lowa, United States. It began production in 1998 with the parent company being the Polaris Industries. The company is inn active competition with other top manufacturing companies boasting of V-twin engines and sport-touring, cruiser and touring configurations on their motorcycles. In this light, let’s take a look on the top motorcycle models of the company.

First on the list is the Victory Cross Roads 8-ball. The bike graces a liquid-cooled 1731cc V-twin engine. Fuel injection features make easy cold starts and smooth and fast power delivery. It has a high compression ratio meaning the engine has the maximum work output while using less fuel leading to, increased efficiency and power. A large wheelbase of 65.7 inches and a seat height of 26.3 inches ensure that stability is at top-notch. Also, having the inclusion of short riders in its engineering. A six-speed overdrive transmission constant mesh is also a heavyweight technical aspect of this powerhouse. Also in the stunning features is the split dual exhaust with crossover.

Coming in second is the 2010 Victory Cross Country. Its specification being in the touring cluster, this motorcycle is totally impressive in its hardware for power output. It also comes with a 1731cc V-twin engine which is capable of producing an impressive 92 horsepower. The high compression ratio ensures that fuel economy is kept in check as the engine uses less fuel to give the desired amount of power. Its motor is an undersquare, with a cylinder bore and stroke of 101 by 108mm.The wheelbase is at 65.7 inches and a seat height of 26.25.

The key to every top-notch performance of the victory motorcycle models is directly linked to the quality components which the models posses. Every detail in the manufacturing process is checked for all maximum performance parameters. The motorcycle battery is an example of that single component which if not handled with care in its maintenance and usage, can have you marooned on the road unexpectedly. Considering the dry weight that comes along with this machinery of above 760lbs, getting stalled somewhere remote due to battery failure can really be frustrating.

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