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23 February 2014

Subaru Top Models and its battery

Subaru is the most popular car among speed enthusiasts and racers. The manufacturer, Fuji Heavy Industries, has come a long way considering they used to manufacture scooters from airplane parts. The Subaru is the pride of the company and to many of their consumers. Subaru means ‘unite’. The 6 stars on its logo represent the unity of the 6 companies under Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI). Subaru had a tale of firsts. The company became the first to use horizontally opposite engines (boxer engines) together with monocoque construction. They were also the first to offer an all-wheel drive standard on all models it produced. Another first is that of use of electronic transmissions that replaced the standard gears available. The electronic transmissions enabled smooth acceleration and reduced fuel consumption.

In the beginning, the market did not seem to favor the models FHI was making. Sales would either dwindle or would not be present at all. This was the case for their first car. The criticism did not put them down but challenged them to come up with a better and more desirable car. They had their go at it in 1966, 1968 and 1971. They made their debut sports car in 1985. This release boosted their confidence and that is where the turning point was achieved.

Perhaps the most notable launch in Subaru history is that of the Subaru Legacy. This vehicle was a total change in the design consumers had become used to and had come to adore. Markets began changing and FHI decided to get with the times. They launched a car that was powerful, conventional but well-resourced and reliable. One Subaru that seems to stand out is the Subaru Impreza. Its curvy design was what struck people. FHI had brought something beautiful and elegant to the market. Together with its bullet-proof dependability and quality of build this car would soon rise up to the ranks. This car helped Subaru achieve a global footing because of its success in the race scene. It gave Subaru the popularity it has gained as a brand today all across the world.

For a car that was once accused of having no safety features, the Subaru has come a long way. The 2014 Subaru Forester is the most popular model among consumers to date. The 2014 Forester has the highest safety ranking available. What the manufacturer was aiming at was to design a big car that had all the same and better features as a small car. There are usually those consumers who favor small cars to big cars. This car will change their sentiments on big cars completely. FHI redesigned the Forester to cater for all the needs of a consumer namely: exterior and interior design, latest technology features, comfort and quality materials, safety and saving on fuel.

A Subaru car battery is the life-force of the electrical system in the car. All Subaru cars have maintenance free batteries. However wonderful this concept seems, the battery does require some attention now and then. Cold weather may affect the battery drastically causing it to lose its strength, increased demand on the battery and other problems. Contacting a specialist on 1300 468 931 to get more information on how often battery check-ups need to be done would be advisable for any Subaru owner. A Subaru car battery is strong but it needs to be looked after as well.


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