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Run out of Fuel?

19 December 2017

Run out of Fuel? | Mis-fulled your Car?

Run out of Fuel

Run out of Fuel?

Run out of Fuel is one of the main causes people require roadside assistance.  Roadside Response attended over 3,000 cases last year, with drivers needing fuel.  So if you run out of fuel, please don’t worry, your not alone.

If you have run out of fuel and need Petrol or Diesel, Roadside Response can help!  Here is what you need to do.  Simply call Roadside Response and we can dispatch a local technician to come to you and provide enough fuel for you to get back on the road again.  You don’t need to be a member and there are no waiting fees.  Assistance is immediate and we cover Australiawide. So if you run out of  fuel, call Roadside Response 24/7 on 1300 468931.

What happens if you put the wrong fuel in your car?

Theoretically, putting the wrong fuel in your car should be pretty difficult to do. And yet, latest industry figures suggest it’s a common problem in Australia, one that has been exacerbated in recent years by the fact that diesel nozzles now share the same pump space with unleaded ones.

Have you put petrol into a diesel car by mistake?  Don’t start the engine!

Mis-fueling a diesel car with petrol is easier to do, with the advent in diesel engine technologies delivering quieter engines, its easier to mistake one for its petrol counterpart and because the petrol nozzle will actually fit inside the filler for a modern diesel.

If you do put unleaded petrol in a diesel engine, don’t start the engine.  You’re at risk of doing serious and possibly terminal damage to your car. Yes, it’s that bad. Once you mix petrol with the diesel that’s already in your tank you’re basically creating a solvent, which will start playing hell with your car’s fuel system immediately, and can lead to you needing a new engine, filters, fuel pump, injectors, and a whole new fuel tank.

The good news is that there are wrong-fuel solutions, and that the most important thing to do is to recognise your mistake before you get back in the car. As long as you don’t turn the key, or press the start button, the damage can be kept to a minimum.

You’re going to call Roadside Response for professional help, because you’re going to need a fuel drain, to get that errant petrol the hell out of there. This will likely call for a tow truck to take your car to a garage (as fuel cannot be removed from a vehicle at the Roadside – due to safety legislation). This is the best-case scenario, and hopefully your blushes can be saved with minimal expense.

If you do drive away from the servo with the wrong fuel on board, you’ll notice the problem pretty quickly as your engine will make some truly horrible sounds, and if you keep going you’ll probably grind to a halt not far down the road.

Putting the wrong fuel in a van Putting Diesel into a Petrol engine

What makes this tricky to do is that the diesel nozzle simply won’t fit into the filler gap of a petrol-engined vehicle, without some force – however a third of mis-fuel still fit into this category.

If you do somehow manage to shoehorn diesel into a petrol car, don’t panic, because this is less catastrophic than the other option discussed above, but it’s still vital not to start the engine. Diesel will cause serious damage to a petrol engine if you allow it to circulate, particularly if your car is of the direct-injection variety. Fuel injectors that are designed to use unleaded will not take kindly to diesel.

Once again, you should make the call to Roadside Response and arrange for your tank to be completely drained.

Obviously the most likely time to make a mistake like this is when you’re driving a car you’re not used to; either a hire car or self move hire van or one you’ve borrowed from a friend, but it should still be a difficult mistake to make.

Don’t just look at the colours on the pumps, read the words on them, and make sure you’re aware of what kind of car you’re driving before you go to fill up. If you’re still confused, at all, don’t just guess. Ask the service-station attendant for help.  You can also find out information on fueling your car or truck from vehicle’s user manual.  This is usually in the glove box.

When in doubt, there’s almost always a little warning sign on the inside of the filler cap that says “Diesel only”, “Unleaded only” or even “Premium unleaded only”.

roadside assistance plans Remember these simple tips to minimise damage to your vehicle:

  • Don’t start the engine
  • Remain calm
  • Call Roadside Response on 1300 468 931
  • Advise the service station attendant
  • Remain with your vehicle, if it is safe to do so


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Thanks for the great service. I didn’t realise that getting a battery delivered and installed cost less than buying it in the shops. I’ll be telling all my mates about Roadside Response.

Ross Mulligan

“Just wanted to thank you guys for your help today, Matt (service tech) was amazingly helpful and prompt”

Greg C.

I wanted to drop a quick note to say that although Garry had to fight a lot of traffic to get to me he was very professional, friendly and helpful.

Thomas Do

“What a great idea, I don’t drive far but to have Roadside Response available when I need it, awesome”

Rebecca T.

I ran out of fuel on the way to work and Response came to the rescue, 1 hour in all that traffic was just amazing. Saved my day

Huyen A.

Keero was really helpful over the phone. He asked a couple of questions and we figured out straight away that the problem was most likely a dead battery. Phil was in the area and arrived in less than 40 minutes. Got a new battery and I was back up and running again. Thanks guys.

James Burrett

My car broke down (nothing to do with a battery) on my way to work – my thanks to your company for employing staff who give such wonderful attention they gave to an elderly lady

Scarlett Russell

“I left my lights on overnight, your jump-start service is a life saver. Off to work now! thanks..”

Jade L.

I used your battery replacement service yesterday and want to compliment you on the quality of service supplied by your team and especially the representative who attended my request. I am very satisfied with the solution he provided.

Anthony Sharwood