14 August 2014

Royal Enfield, bullets galore!  – By Royal Enfield motorbike and motorcycle battery services

There is really something special about being a part of a long legacy. If you crave for that feeling and are also into motorbikes then you would probably own a Royal Enfield. The Enfield Cycle Company is the worlds oldest producer of motorbikes with its first production -The famous Royal Enfield – being the oldest bike brand to be in production. The company was also into manufacturing bicycles, and lawn mowers and acquired the name Royal Enfield from The Crown in 1890. A legacy weapons manufacturer, its history is represented by its logo, which happens to be a cannon, and its slogan ‘Made like a gun, goes like a bullet’. Enfield Cycle Company was dissolved in the year 1971, however the Royal Enfield brand was brought by the Indian company – Enfield of India. Today all of the royal enfields are manufactured in Chennai India and due to a major retooling in the engine the bike has sparked a renewed interest amongst bike enthusiasts.

Royal Enfield has a history of producing motorcycles for military purposes with its first government contract given by the Imperial Russian Government and the British War Department in the 1914. The brand continued producing motorbikes for military purposes even in the World War 2 along with manufacturing mechanical ‘predictors’ for anti-aircraft guns. Royal Enfield also won a contract with the Indian government which ordered 800 motorcycles from the company. This also led to the founding of Enfield of India, which now owns the brand.

If you have come across royal enfield fans then you probably would have also caught the word ‘Bullet’ being mentioned sometimes. This ‘Bullet’ is actually the Royal Enfield Bullet – The longest production motorcycle in the history. Over 65 years have passed but the design holds a great value for many bike enthusiasts. In fact there is little or no design change in the production model of today and the one which was produced back in 1948. The name is another representation of the company’s legacy of manufacturing small arms and other weaponry equipment. A collector’s choice, this 350cc bike can give you a sense of pride and wonder which no other bike can.

During the 60s Enfield Cycle Company was facing an onslaught of jJapanesemotorbikes, which were exterminating the value of Royal Enfields. The company made a last ditch attempt by producing the the Royal Enfield Interceptor which was very well received around all markets, especially the US. However the production capacity was small and unable to meet the demands, thereby losing its market share and ultimately leading to the demise of the original company. The last 200 interceptors engines were lying in the docks of birmingham, waiting to be shipped to US, but the sudden and unfortunate death of Floyd Clymer left the engines to be disposed off. This led to the limited run of Rickman interceptors which were produced by Rickman Brothers.

The Enfield, like any other motorbike relies on its components like the battery to keep on running smoothly. If you need to replace or service your Royal Enfield motorcycle battery then call us at 1300 468 931 and we will help you out, no matter where you are.

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