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17 February 2014

Rolls-Royce History, Popular Models and Rolls-Royce Battery

Rolls Royce cars are luxury-British vehicles which have been produced-under the name Rolls Royce since the year 1904. For over 100 years, Rolls Royce cars have always been among world’s most exclusive & luxurious automobiles. The vehicles have taken-on a special social-significance and they have influenced the designs and the marketing of most other luxury brands.

Charles Rolls & Henry-Royce founded Rolls Royce Limited in the year 1904. Since then, the company has been owned-by various parent companies which include Bentley Motors, Vickers and Volkswagen. The 1st Rolls Royce model was Rolls Royce 10-hp. It was built-in Manchester-England, and initially sold for 395-pounds. The Rolls Royce 10-hp was an open air 2 seater which has a twin cylinder engine which gave it a top-speed of about 40 miles/hr. The 10hp Rolls Royce model was later adapted-for more powerful engines, thus becoming 15 hp, 20 hp & finally 30 hp. In the year 1905, a V8-model was added. In the year 1906, Rolls Royce started offering the Silver-Ghost model and The Phantom appeared in the year 1925. In 1971, Rolls Royce Limited faced dire financial difficulty & was nationalized-by British government. In the year 1973, Rolls Royce-Motors became the name-of a new private-corporation which manufactured Rolls Royce vehicles. The Rolls Royce Silver-Shadow was 1 of the new-company’s 1st offerings. It featured modern design & amenities which were meant to quieten the critics who said that this brand couldn’t shed its “old-fashioned” stigma. The Silver-Shadow model was a great success and Rolls Royce was re-born for a new-generation of luxury automobile buyers.

Besides Silver Shadow model, there are several Rolls Royce-models which have achieved a great and lasting-prominence in the motor industry. The Phantom-model is one great example. It’s one of the most popular Rolls Royce model in the world currently. It has been offered in continuous updated versions for over 70 years now. The production numbers are usually limited, making the desirability of driving The Phantom even higher.

The standard Ghost sedan is the most modestly-priced Rolls Royce available. Rolls Royce market their cars all over the world & also produce special unique versions according to the customers demand. These customers can include VIP clients and various heads of states. Rolls Royce Motors launched a brand new car at Geneva Motor-Show on 5th March of year 2013. The new model, which is called Rolls-Royce-Wraith (which is in honor of the original Wraith that was built-by Rolls Royce Limited in the year 1938 to the year 1939.) It’s a luxury coupe, which has a long bonnet & a sleek roof-line. It’s a coupe version-of the Ghost. It’s powered by a 623-bhp, twin turbo-charged V12 engine connected-to an 8 speed gearbox.

The secret to the high performance and power of Rolls-Royce-car models has always been the high quality components. The Rolls-Royce Car Battery is 1 such high quality component and if not taken good care of, it may leave you stranded on-the road unexpectedly. However there is no need to fret or worry about this happening to you, simply call 1300 468 931 and we will give you a car quote & a high quality Rolls-Royce car battery for-replacement in just a short time. All Rolls Royce car batteries are readily available. We give you a one-stop-solution regardless of the car model.


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