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2 August 2014

Roadside Response – A Helping Hand Whenever You Need A TRD Car Battery

When the term Toyota Racing Development or simply TRD is mentioned, one thing comes to mind; high performance and racing. Since its inception, TRD has been modifying Toyota cars so as to make them sportier and improve high performance. The in-house tuning shop applies several strategies. This include bolting on superchargers or turbochargers, installing tougher suspension, fixing cold air intakes, using high performance braking systems , wheel upgrades, tougher struts and dampers, Toyota Racing Development car battery, efficient heads, steel head gaskets, and much more. At the end of it, the normal looking car will easily outperform similar cars.

Officially, Toyota Racing Development was started in 1976. However, it was already modifying and tuning cars for sports performance. The first time TRD did this was in 1957 during the Australia Rally. After the Second World War, economies including Japan were struggling. Many people could not afford sports cars which were a bit pricey. The company already had a good market presence. Therefore, it decided to tune the ordinary vehicle to make them suitable for racing. The first project was a Toyopet Crown Deluxe which was tuned in preparation for the Rally of Australia. Ever since, TRD has been modifying Lexus, Scion and Toyota.

The 2013 Toyota Avalon TRD Edition was launched into the market to cater for people looking for comfort and high performance. The mid-size sedan comes with 4 doors and can seat five people. It comes with an Eaton Gen 6 supercharger that is bolted on the 3.5 litre V6 gasoline engine. The power plant delivers 268 horsepower and 248ft-lbs of torque. It delivers power to the wheels through a six-speed automatic transmission. Other upgrades include: stiffer subframe bushing in the rear, six-piston TRD brake calipers at the front, four-piston TRD brakes at the rear, modified steering, cold-rolled coil spring made from steel, large spiral-vane brake rotors that have been cross-drilled.

The Toyota Camry Sonara is another popular model that is factory tuned at TRD. The car’s platform is based on the normally aspirated Camry that comes with either a 2.5 or 3.0 litre V6 engine. The TRD edition has incorporated a supercharger as well as an intercooler. It also has a header with larger ports and an aluminium block. This increases the power output to 247hp @ 6000rpm. The torque also increased to 242 lb-ft. The Camry Sonara TRD Edition comes with a 5-speed manual transmission. The car takes 6.3 seconds to accelerate from standstill to 60mph (100km/h) and 16.9seconds from zero to 100mph (160km/h). The top speed is electronically limited at 135 mph.

Driving your TRD tuned car is always pleasurable. Maybe it’s the fast acceleration, quick response or the “throaty” engine sound. Unfortunately, all the fun can come to an abrupt end if your car battery dies. Instead of worrying too much, all you will ever need is to call Roadside Response. We specialize in assisting stranded motorists in Sydney. We will deliver the right TRD car battery Perth at the scene within an hour. Actually, 86% of our deliveries occur within 50 minutes. The good news is you don’t have to pay any subscription, or call out fee. All you have to do is simply call us through 1300 468 931.

Don’t let a bad or dead battery ruin your day, simply call us at 1300 468 931 any time of day or night.


roadside response customer reviews

I ran out of fuel on the way to work and Response came to the rescue, 1 hour in all that traffic was just amazing. Saved my day

Huyen A.

Keero was really helpful over the phone. He asked a couple of questions and we figured out straight away that the problem was most likely a dead battery. Phil was in the area and arrived in less than 40 minutes. Got a new battery and I was back up and running again. Thanks guys.

James Burrett

“Great job getting my keys back for me, felt like a right fool today..thanks again”

Peter G.

Roadside Response keep our rental van on the move 24/7. There nationwide coverage and pay to use platform is just perfect to help me keep my maintenance costs low & my vehicles on the go!

Paul S.
Self Move Hire

My car broke down (nothing to do with a battery) on my way to work – my thanks to your company for employing staff who give such wonderful attention they gave to an elderly lady

Scarlett Russell

“Thanks for the Fuel guys, i’ll recommend you again”

Jerry G.

I used your battery replacement service yesterday and want to compliment you on the quality of service supplied by your team and especially the representative who attended my request. I am very satisfied with the solution he provided.

Anthony Sharwood

I just want to thank you for getting to my house so fast. The car didn’t want to start this morning and I needed to get to work. The guy who changed the battery was real friendly and I was able to get to work almost on time (only 12 minutes late).

Lana Wilkinson

“Just wanted to thank you guys for your help today, Matt (service tech) was amazingly helpful and prompt”

Greg C.