14 January 2014

Roadside Response Australia – When You Need A Holden Car Battery

The Holden brand of cars is synonymous with Australia. In fact, it is considered as the soul of the Aussies. The model has dominated the car market for many decades and still continues to do so. This is evidenced from the ever growing car sales and related accessories such as Holden car battery. It offers a wide range of cars to suit everyday needs. This includes sedans, sports cars, Ute (pickups), station wagon and much more. The brand is renowned for its agility, good performance, adequate power supply and trendiness. Various models are available for sporting, hauling loads, leisure or general use.

In 1852, an immigrant from Walsall, England, James Alexander Holden moved to South Australia. In 1856, he started J.A. Holden & Company in Adelaide,Australia. The company specialised in making saddles.Henry Frederick Frost joined the saddler maker as a junior partner in 1885.The Company was then renamed Holden & Frost Ltd. In 1905, Edward Holden, the grandson to James, joined the company. He initiated several partnerships that saw the company start manufacturing sidecar bodies for motorcycles. the company renamed to Holden’s Motor Builders Limited(HMBB) in 1919. Restrictions caused by War led to the company manufacturing car body shells on a full-scale. By 1923, HMBB was manufacturing about 12,000 annually.

The Holden Commodore SS V Redline, 2014 is currently causing waves in the motoring scene. The newly launched model has taken performance and refinement a notch higher. The 4-door sedan comes with an engine displacement of 5967 cubic centimetres (6.0 liter). The V8 gasoline powered engine delivers 270KW@ 5600rpms. It achieves maximum torque of 517Nm /391ft-lbs @ 4400rpm and can accelerate from 0 to 100km (0 to 60miles) in 4.8 seconds. The power is delivered to the rear wheels through a six-speed manual transmission. Without a speed governor, the car can achieve a top speed of 167mph (269km/hr).

The Holden Ute SV6 is one of the popular models in the market currently. The utility car was released in 2011. It measures 5046mm in length, 1899mm in height, and 1463mm in width. It weighs approximately 1740kg. It comes with 2 doors and can accommodate 2 passengers. Under the hood sits a 3.6 litre gasoline engine that produces 350Nm of torque and 210KW of power. The engine is mated to a 6 speed manual transmission that delivers powers to the front wheels (FWD), or rear wheels (RWD), or All-wheel drive (AWD). Features found in the car include electronic brake distribution (EBD), Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), traction control, cruise control, dual airbags for both driver and passengers, and 7 speaker surround system.

The Holden brand has become a household name in Australia. One of the main reasons that have led to this is its efficiency, reliability and durability. However, it is not uncommon to find yourself stranded on the road simply because the battery went dead. In such a situation you should think of our roadside assistance. We take pride in being able to deliver the Holden car battery within an hour. YES! 86% of our deliveries take place in less than 50 minutes. We also work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days in a year. Our batteries are competitively priced and also come with guarantee. For more information about our road assistance simply call us via 1300 468 931.

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roadside response customer reviews

Roadside Response keep our rental van on the move 24/7. There nationwide coverage and pay to use platform is just perfect to help me keep my maintenance costs low & my vehicles on the go!

Paul S.
Self Move Hire

“What a great idea, I don’t drive far but to have Roadside Response available when I need it, awesome”

Rebecca T.

I just want to thank you for getting to my house so fast. The car didn’t want to start this morning and I needed to get to work. The guy who changed the battery was real friendly and I was able to get to work almost on time (only 12 minutes late).

Lana Wilkinson

“Great job getting my keys back for me, felt like a right fool today..thanks again”

Peter G.

“I left my lights on overnight, your jump-start service is a life saver. Off to work now! thanks..”

Jade L.

“Just wanted to thank you guys for your help today, Matt (service tech) was amazingly helpful and prompt”

Greg C.

Keero was really helpful over the phone. He asked a couple of questions and we figured out straight away that the problem was most likely a dead battery. Phil was in the area and arrived in less than 40 minutes. Got a new battery and I was back up and running again. Thanks guys.

James Burrett

I wanted to drop a quick note to say that although Garry had to fight a lot of traffic to get to me he was very professional, friendly and helpful.

Thomas Do

“No Road Assist Membership & needed a jumpstart at the Airport, 45 minutes from start to finish, great job!”

Dale Z.