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2 April 2014

A review of Suzuki motorcycles

Suzuki is arguably one of the finest and even the most popular motorcycle brands in the market. This can easily be attested to this firm’s dedication to meet the varied demands of their customers and also its unmatched innovations in manufacturing quality motor bikes that offer exemplary performance. For those who might not in the know the Suzuki brand has enjoyed a long and eventful history, since been founded by Michio Suzuki way back in the early 20th century. This firm has first incorporated under the brand name Suzuki loom company as it initially focused primarily on manufacturing weaving looms. This was soon to change as it expanded its operations into the vehicle industry. By 1929 had accrued the necessary clout to commence exporting its products abroad. However, it would take almost 3 decades before it rolled out its first Suzuki motorcycle in 1952. This machine simply put was a basically a bicycle that was fitted with an engine. As would be expected this firm exploited the craze for motorcycles that characterized the 50s up to 70s, and it began to produce motor bikes that featured innovative designs and optimal engine performance.

In 1962 Suzuki registered its first major triumph in racing competitions by winning the 50cc class Isle of Man TT. This stimulus would later on lead this company to roll out a remarkable and highly varied number of motorcycles such as the legendary GS series. This trend would continue to snowball right into the last few decades of the 20th century, and in effect enable Suzuki to take its place as one of the foremost motorcycle brands in the global market. Right at the turn of the 21st century this firm commemorated its 80th anniversary since its founding, and has never looked back. As we speak the Suzuki motorcycle brand boasts of a wide range of products that are unanimously considered to be the best in the market.

Taking a case study of the GSF 1200 one can readily appreciate this firm’s commitment to meet and even exceed the demands of their global market. To begin with this Suzuki motorcycle is highly acclaimed for its unmatched versatility in performing rather well in any kind of terrain. It is powered by the fabled GSX-R 4 cylinder engine, and also seamlessly integrates this brand’s twin swirl combustion chambers (TSCC) design. It also comes with dual projector beam headlights, upswept 4 in 1 exhaust system, aluminium wheels as well as low profile radial tires.

The GSX – R1000 happens to be another popular Suzuki motorcycle model that was rolled out in 2001. Essential this is a sports bike from the GSX series, and among other things, features a very powerful liquid-cooled 999 cc inline 4 cylinder 4 stroke engine. It also comes with comfortable foot rest and peg together with a split seat.

As most seasoned bikers would know one of the integral components that dictates the top notch performance of these machines is a quality motor bike battery, without which you can find yourself stranded at the most importune of times. Should you be residing in Sydney, making a call to 1300 468 931 can enable you to access authentic Suzuki motorcycle batteries for all kinds of models. On the other hand should you find yourself stranded while on the road a simple call to 1300 468 931 can get you an ideal replacement Suzuki motor bike battery in the shortest time possible. While also getting professional assistance despite where you might be.


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