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26 May 2014

Reputable Foton Car Battery Provider

Foton Motor is a Chinese company that produces a lot of trucks, sport utility vehicles, buses, and many other machines. This company becomes popular in China because of its high quality cars. It has a headquarter in Changping, Beijing, China. There are more than 40,000 employees in all Foton production companies. Foton also joins the Daimler AG for producing some commercial trucks. These trucks are distributed to many different places these days. There are two main subsidiaries of this company, including Beijing Foton Cummins Engine and Beijing Foton Daimler Automotive. These subsidiaries can support the production of Foton cars today.

Foton was founded in 1996. At the beginning, this company produced some agricultural tractors, light and heavy duty trucks, and many other engines. In 2006, this company created a joint venture with the Cummins Inc. In 2009, this company also created another joint venture with the DAimler AG. The creation of these joint ventures received the approval from the Chinese government in 2010. This company also created some headquarters in Europe. Since that period, this company has already been growing very quickly. Today, this company also has some production plans and offices in many different places, including Colombia, Brazil, India, and some other countries in the world.

This company has an interesting model that is called as Foton Tunland. This model has a lot of benefits for all users. It is a dual cab range car that has some great features. It can compete with other mainstream rivals, for example Toyota HiLux, Great Wall V200, and other competitors. This car is well-known for its large loading space. This area can be used to store any of your items easily. This car also has Cummins diesel engine that is very powerful to improve the performance of this car. Many people love using this car because of its unique appearance. You will be amazed with the stylish design that is offered by this car.

Foton View van is another recommended model for you. This van is equipped with powerful 2.8 litre CRDI turbo engine. This engine can strengthen the performance of this car. Its 102 horsepower system is very useful to power this van. The View is very affordable for most people today. Many people want to use this car for travelling with their families. The View has a comfortable fixed aisle. This aisle can be used to allow all passengers to pass through other commuters without any problems. This car has total 11 individual reclined seats.

If you have a Foton car, you should not forget this number, 1300 468 931. This is one of the best Foton car battery replacement and repair services today. There are some great services that are offered by this company. You can contact this service when you have some emergency problems with your battery. This service can help you select the right battery for your Foton car. You can consult with its professional consultants before you can choose the best battery for your car. All batteries are made from high quality materials, so they are able to improve the performance of your car easily.


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“What a great idea, I don’t drive far but to have Roadside Response available when I need it, awesome”

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I just want to thank you for getting to my house so fast. The car didn’t want to start this morning and I needed to get to work. The guy who changed the battery was real friendly and I was able to get to work almost on time (only 12 minutes late).

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Keero was really helpful over the phone. He asked a couple of questions and we figured out straight away that the problem was most likely a dead battery. Phil was in the area and arrived in less than 40 minutes. Got a new battery and I was back up and running again. Thanks guys.

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Roadside Response keep our rental van on the move 24/7. There nationwide coverage and pay to use platform is just perfect to help me keep my maintenance costs low & my vehicles on the go!

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I ran out of fuel on the way to work and Response came to the rescue, 1 hour in all that traffic was just amazing. Saved my day

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I used your battery replacement service yesterday and want to compliment you on the quality of service supplied by your team and especially the representative who attended my request. I am very satisfied with the solution he provided.

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