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31 July 2014

A quick outline the Husqvarna motorbike history

Husqvarna begin its motorcycle making journey in the early 20th century. It started as the subsidiary of the armament manufacturer in Sweden in the 19th century. Similar to other motorcycle manufacturers, it also started manufacturing bicycles first and then started building motorcycles by importing engines. The first complete in-house motorcycle was built in the year 1918. Initially, they manufactured street use motorcycles and racing motorcycles but over the years they have made a name for themselves in motocross as well as endure bikes.

Currently they have three ranges of motor bikes named as Enduro, Motorcross and Adventure. They sell many different models under these ranges. Under the adventure range, they currently sell two models: TR 650 Strada ABS and TR 650 Terra. The TR 650 strada model is powered by the BMW G 650 GS engine. This engine delivers a maximum power at 58 hp which generates a top RPM of 7250. It can deliver a maximum torque of 16 Meters. The braking system in this motorcycle consists of a single break disk at both the front and rear end. The TR 650 Terra model is slim and has a masculine design. This model is powered by the same BMW engine and gives excellent performance.

The Motorcross range of motorbikes has two models currently. One is the CR 125 and other one is the TC 250 R model. The CR 125 model is a tried and tested motorbike which has the honor of winning double world championship. It is powered by a 125 cc two stroke liquid cooled engine. The 6 speed gearbox provides ample control over the ride. It goes a long way with a dry weight of just 94 kgs and fuel tank with 7 liters capacity. The TC 250 R model is made of titanium full exhaust system, Brembo brakes and battery less fuel injection system.

The Enduro range of motorcycles has five models with internal displacement ranging from 250 cc to 310 cc. These five models are TE 250 R, TE 310 R, TXC 250 R, TXC 310 R and WR 300. All of the Enduro models are LAMS approved and have high quality components such as Keihin fuel injection system, Brembo brakes, Leo Vince Exhaust and Kayaba forks.

These bikes from Husqvarna have been designed to give high performance year after year. If these bikes are maintained well, you will have no problems with these bikes. However, there are times when some components do not work as required. If you live in Sydney and have Husqvarna motorbike battery problems, give a call to roadside response on the number 1300 468 931. Roadside response is a battery replacement service operating in Sydney and is ready to serve customers 24 x 7. We have all the Husqvarna motorbike batteries in stock and can quickly replace the battery of your Husqvarna motorbike within the hour.

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