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21 June 2014

Porsche, The Brand, Top Models and Porsche Car Battery

Porsche is a well re-known brand that produces high end luxury as well as sports cars. It aims to deliver cars that offer incredible design, exceptional innovation, great tradition, top notch performance, exclusiveness, social acceptance and everyday usability. Ferry Porsche once said that in the beginning he was looking around and was not able to find a car that he was dreaming of. This was a small and lightweight sports car that makes use of energy efficiency so he decided to build one of his own. This is the quote that drives the company to achieve with every concept, development and model.

With its headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany Porsche was founded by Ferdinand Porsche in 1931. One of the major developments of the company is the 911 that has been on sale for a very long time since 1964. The company has many feathers to its cap as it is also credited for designing the original Volkswagen Beetle that happened in the 1930s under German government contract. The connection with the Volkswagen brand exists to date as of July 2012 it became the full owner of the brand. There are numerous great models that have been released to the brand and some of the top models are reviewed below.

One of the Porsche’s top models has got to be the Carrera GT. This is powered by 558 horsepower that is naturally aspirated by V-10 engine. The construction and design is based on racing technology to ensure it runs well. A dry sump oil system ensures consistent and reliable oil supply as well as pressure at high speeds when negotiating cornering forces. It has a 6 speed manual speed transmission and some of the key features it comes with include carbon fibre body, power windows, trip computer, traction control and climate control among many other great features that make it a beast in the market.

The second top model from Porsche is the Cayman S. This draws its agility from 3.4 liter flat 6 engine that comes with DFI (direct fuel injection) as well as the VarioCam Plus. Being a car that offers top speed, the safety features that the car offers include excellent braking power. Drivers will also enjoy the electric power brake that can manually be activated and deactivated at will. Some of the accessories that you can expect from this model include: a cozy interior, multi-functional and powerful Porsche communication management, BOSE surround sound system, comfortable sports seats, air condition system, mobile phone and Bluetooth connection, CDR audio system and numerous other features that make it a complete package.

The performance of the Porsche models is highly dependent on the components it is made from. This is because if one of them is not working properly, it can affect the efficiency of the machine. An example of such as component is the Porsche car battery. When it is not properly taken of it may bring about problems that you never expected. When this happens, call 1300 468 931 as fast as you can and the problem will be dealt with in no time.


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