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19 June 2014

Pontiac Car Battery

Roy warren Pontiac is a division-of General Motors (abbreviated as GM) & specializes in making mainstream performance cars. General Motors has been making Pontiac cars for over 75 years, & the brand is famous for its’ athletic, sporty vehicles designed with streamlined silhouette and V6 or V8 engines.

The Pontiac-brand was founded by Alanson Brush and Edward Murphy in Pontiac, Michigan. 1st Pontiac car was produced in the year 1926 and it served as a “companion” vehicle to Oakland Motor Car-line by GM. Pontiac enjoyed great success within a few months of introduction of Pontiac Chieftain in the year 1927, & this car soon became 1 of the top selling cars in US. After Pontiac Chieftain’s success, this brand became one of the prominent players in the US auto-mobile market, & when General Motors introduced the line of sleeker, stylish, torpedo style vehicles in the 1950s, the demand for American made vehicles flourished again. Pontiac joined General Motors in the year 1926 as a companion-to Oakland division, but it quickly surpassed Oakland in sales.

The Pontiac cars were sold as coupes, sedans and station wagons and they mainly featured a standard straight 6 cylinder engine. They did not garner a lot of attention til the muscle car-GTO was introduced in the year 1964. GM aimed to make affordable six cylinder cars for the market, & marketed the brands as athletic, stylish and high performance auto mobiles. Pontiac became famous for their streamlined, sporty vehicles in both six and eight cylinder versions.

The Pontiac Vibe one of the most popular Pontiac cars. It’s a compact hatchback which was 1st introduced in the year 2003. Its’ appearance is more like a combination-of a car & a small sport-utility vehicle which makes it appealing especially to those who prefer the look of a SUV without that big size. The 2003-2006 Vibes were made available with an economical-base trim package, mid trim all wheel drive package or GT sport-package, though the 2007-model was available with only the base-trim. The 2nd generation of Pontiac Vibe was made for 2009 and 2010-model years. It features a more sportier exterior & was available in basic-trim, all wheel drive and GT-trim packages.

The Pontiac-GTO is probably the most iconic-of all Pontiac vehicles because of the classic muscle car status. The classic-GTO was made from the year 1964 to the year 1974 as a racing-concept vehicle which emphasized on street performance. Over years, the car has seen several changes both in its’ body and in its’ interior. GTOs are produced in hard top, convertible & sport coupe body styles. Though the production ended-on the classic Pontiac GTO in the year 1974, nostalgia for classic-muscle vehicles led to this Pontiac’s reintroduction in the year 2004. The modern Pontiac GTO features much softer lines than the tough muscled grandfather, but it’s still popular for its speed & street performance. Some of the other popular Pontiac cars include: Pontiac-2000 Sunbird, Pontiac Firebird, Pontiac Bonneville, Pontiac Firefly, Pontiac Grand-Am, Pontiac Safari, Pontiac Pathfinder, and Pontiac Sunburst .The most recognized concept vehicles include: Pontiac Banshee, Pontiac Montana-Thunder, Pontiac Pursuit & the Pontiac Stinger.

The key to Pontiac’s speed and high street performance is in its’ high quality components. The Pontiac Car Battery is one of these high quality components and it requires great care. To get a high quality Pontiac car battery simply dial 1300 468 931 and we’ll give you a great car quote & a quality Pontiac car battery in a short time. All Pontiac car batteries are available-regardless of the vehicle’s model.


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