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13 February 2014

Nissans History, 2013 Popular Brands and Nissan Car Battery Replacement in Sydney

Nissan as of 2013 is the second largest Japan automotive maker with a net income of 112.1 billion yen in quarter ending in June 2014. Its rich history dates back to 1914 when one of its predecessor companies made its first car. However, it was in 1934 when it took the name Nissan Motor Company. It released its first Datsun passenger car in 1935 and soon after started exporting to Australia making Australia one of its oldest global markets. The company released its first mass produced car Datsun Type 15 in 1937, which came in delivery van and mini-pickup form.

Nissan Motor Company expanded its market to United States in 1958. The move was as a result of the American influence the company had achieved because of the American designer William R. Gorham. Some of the models that Nissan exported to US include the 1200 Sedans with a 48 hp engine and a 37hp compact pickup that became a top seller in the 50s. In 60s after the company had enlarged its presence in the global market, it ventured into sport cars. Its first sports car was the SPL 210 with a 48hp engine but was later upgraded to 85hp version. In 1962, it introduced Bluebird with 3-speed synchronized transmission for the American market. In the Off-road sector, the company released the popular Patrol car that was being marketed as able to climb trees. In the 70s, the company continued its sporty line with the release of the Z line, which is still continued today.

Nissan has manufactured many topnotch cars in its rich history but one that captures excitement every time Nissan is mentioned is the Nissan GT-R. The Nissan GTR has been tweaked every year resulting in a highly effective and attractive car. The 2012 model was incredibly fast and spectacularly agile and still as capable as its predecessors but the 2013 model has hit new heights. The 2013 Nissan GT-R model seems to have addressed the challenge of its predecessors. Despite its exceptional looks and ability most people complained that it lacked fun as expected of car of its caliber but that seems to have been addressed in the 2013 model.

The other Nissan car that continues to fascinate car lovers is the ever evolving 370Z. 370Z is incredibly one of the most popular Nissan’s sport cars and with the latest remodeling, the sky is the limit for this car. The 2013 model comes with revised front fascia to feature daytime running lights. There has also been improvement in the car wheels with the new designs featuring 18-in and 19-in wheels. The 370Z Sport Package has also seen firmer sport shocks while the audio system has also been improved. It comes with a Bose Package that features an in-dash 6-CD changer and six speakers.

As you can see, the highlight of Nissan cars is performance and efficiency. A quality Nissan car battery Sydney is highly essential in ensuring that you get the best from your Nissan car model. Therefore, one of the wrongs you can do to your Nissan car is to make it run on a low quality battery. If you are driving your Nissan in Sydney, you should make a call to 1300 468 931 to have your Nissan car battery checked or replaced. If you are stranded, calling 1300 468 931 will get you help within two hours at a highly affordable and competitive cost.


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