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9 February 2014

Mercedes Car Battery replacement; Mercedes the car and the power behind it

Among other car manufacturers, the Daimler AG company has made a name and reputation for itself as one of the best car manufacturers of all time. Its line of cars, Mercedes Benz, is known primarily for luxury, complemented with safety and performance. Consequently, most of the Mercedes Benz car models also come with a price to match the car value.

Although Mercedes Benz first came out into the public officially in 1926 under the name Daimler Benz, it has been in existence since 1886. This is when Karl Benz decided to make the first petrol-powered car which he had then labeled the “Benz Patent Motorwagen.” However, the car itself, under the name Mercedes, first appeared in the spotlight in 1901 when it was made and marketed by the then Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft. However, the first line of the Mercedes brand appeared in 1926, and has been on an upward development ever since.

The best Mercedes Benz model yet is the S 600. It comes with more features than most of its predecessors, most of which are improvements of the earlier models’ flaws. The divisional board itself was quoted saying “The S-Class model has always been the embodiment of the company’s claim to deliver the best in terms of both technology and design.” To this end, it comes with an output of 390KW, facilitated by its powerful Mercedes car battery. It further comes with 830 Nm of torque, and an awesome V12 engine.

Another one of Mercedes Benz’s all time models is the 1955’s 300 SLR racer. It is just as striking in appearance now as it was back then, coming with a sleek and compact body. To facilitate speed, it came with a super-charged engine and a lightweight aluminium frame. It was also the first car ever to make use of air brakes. For most people, the Mercedes 300 SLR racer really brought out its power on the road when the legendary racer Stirling Moss used it to win the Mille Miglia in 1955, not only winning but also making an incredible world record.

Among other things, the Mercedes car brand is known for its emphasis on luxury, setting the pace when it comes to design, looks and comfort. In addition to this, it is also known for performance which is primarily facilitated by the car’s strong engine and the Mercedes car battery. The battery furthermore also powers other electrical and technological components like entertainment and lighting that may come with the car. It is these components which primarily give the Mercedes brand its luxury and convenience, making the battery vital.

However, while the Mercedes car battery is guaranteed to offer excellent service for a long time, its performance depends a lot on maintenance. This entails among other things charging and storing it safely. It may also develop other defects while in use, compromising your car’s performance and safety. However, this should not worry you regardless of when and where your battery fails as calling 1300 468 931 will see you take the first step to getting your troubles solved instantly. This line is open all day to ensure that you get services when you need them. When you call this 1300 468 931, you will immediately get a free quote for your Mercedes car battery Adelaide and a replacement battery instantly.

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