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1 September 2014

Maintenance Tips For Your Car Battery

A car battery is one of the most-important parts of a car. It’s basically the heart of a car and if it isn’t beating with power, the car will be of no use. Keeping your vehicle’s battery on a regular testing and maintenance schedule will ensure that your battery works properly. Below are some car battery maintenance tips:

-Regularly testing the battery, especially before a long-trip and after it has been recharged. You do not want your battery fail to start when you’re far from home. Check the battery charge occasionally using a tester. Results you will get on a tester may indicate the battery charge isn’t optimal even though your battery is still-functioning. This may serve as a sign that your battery is probably leaking energy or that the battery’s condition doesn’t allow for proper energy-conversion (for example, low electrolyte solution-level). You need to take the appropriate action by cleaning the terminals of the battery and checking the electrolyte-solution if applicable.

-When testing the battery, you may also need to clean it. This may require removing clamps and cleaning-off the grease and dirt and from the terminals and clamps. You need a clean connection so-as not to weaken your battery’s charge. Clean the case of the battery using baking soda which has been dissolved in warm-water. Dirt basically conducts electricity and discharges electricity.

-Check and ensure your battery isn’t wet and that it’s clean. All car batteries will eventually lose some amount of charge because it’s impossible to keep each and every electron in the atoms-of the battery material from-transferring charge; neutrality is typically sought in nature. Moisture and dirt act as conductive-agents which allow energy to eventually seep out of your battery prematurely. Keeping your battery clean and dry helps in maintaining the battery charge.

-Ensure the terminals of your car battery are free from corrosion. Corrosion usually happens on the battery-terminals whenever the metal of terminals oxidizes. A little corrosion is normal, since it’s impossible to completely prevent exposure-of the battery terminals. Normally it looks like a green fuzz, but it depends on what the battery’s terminals are made-of and what’s the oxidizing agent they’re exposed to. Clean off terminals with a wire-brush til the corrosion is all gone and wipe the terminals clean using baking soda paste.

-Always check the electrolyte-level in the battery by removing vent caps with a standard screwdriver. Remember to wear latex gloves & goggles when carrying out this task so as to avoid any contact with battery acid. Look keenly through vent holes & make sure electrolyte level has reached the bottom-of the fill ring. When necessary, you can add distilled water.

-Ensure the water-level in the car battery has reached the filler-neck. This basically applies only to the batteries which can be opened (the ones that have open-able caps). Car batteries normally require an electrolyte-solution to convert the energy that is to be used by the car. In case the solution level is too low, the battery can not make the necessary energy conversion, so it is best to add distilled water (and not tap water) to your battery if these levels are low.

Finally, always follow the battery manufacturers instructions and guidelines, for example; improper connections can totally damage your battery to a point of uselessness.

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