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7 June 2014

Leyland Motors and Leyland Car Battery Maintenance

Leyland Motors Limited, a Britain based vehicle manufacturer started its operation in 1896. Back then it was known as the Lancashire Motor Company originated from the town of Leyland. It became the British Leyland Motor Company after merging with the British Motor Holdings. Later, the company once again changed its name to British Leyland after getting nationalised. Leyland is renowned for its trolleybuses, lorries and buses. During the second World War, Leyland played an important role, supplying transportation to the allied forces. Leyland became a global brand by making top quality buses that were sold all over the world. Leyland achieved several milestones in this industry with its innovative designs and the use of modern technology.

Leyland buses were the first to come up with different chassis designs that was unique, allowing the passengers to board at ease. The company also made history with its double-decker bus that was produced from 1956 till 1986. Leyland is also renowned for producing high quality, durable trucks. Some of the popular models include Marathon, Bison and Reiver. In addition to that, they also produce cars (some of the finest to be more precise) that has created huge buzz in the market. Currently Leyland automobiles are high in demand in the Asian market, particularly in India.

ROVER SD1 3500 is a classic Leyland car that made a huge impression when it first entered the market. However, due to certain quality issues, it lost its appeal after selling the initial batches. But the manufacturers continued to improve the car to make it faster, stylish and durable, overcoming the previous flaws. ROVER SD1 3500 uses V8 engine that runs in petroleum with a top speed of 126 mph. This car has a metal monocoque body frame that ensures more durability and protection for the passengers. ROVER SD1 3500 comes with five-speed manual transmission that will allow you to get the thrill of hitting up the road real fast. Altogether, this is a decent Leyland car. Although being one of the classic models, the parts are available in the market, making life a lot easier for the owners.

1974 LEYLAND P76 FORCE 7V is another classic Leyland car that is still well in demand on the road. This four sitter comes with fixed-head coup doors and weighs 1263 kg. It has 1511 mm front track and 1516 mm rear track along with 171 mm ground clearance. 1974 LEYLAND P76 FORCE 7V comes with 2 st carbs fuel supply system. The engine has 194HP (143 kW) @ 4250 rpm of maximum power and 386Nm @ 2500 rpm torque at max. Displacement is 4414 cc. It has manual transmission with four gears.

Usually a Leyland car battery is highly durable. However, just like any other automobile components, it also has to be checked and maintained on a regular basis. If you are looking for professional help for your Leyland car battery maintenance, simply give a call to 1300 468 931 and help will arrive in no time. If your car gets stranded on the road in Sydney and you are not sure what to do about that, call 1300 468 931 for assistance. Expert help is available there 24/7. So help is always available.


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