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1 February 2014

LDV: The Van that Was

Dating back to the early 1990’s, LDV Limited became a British vehicle curiosity. The company focused it production heavily on mini buses, pick-ups, and panel vans – each including a variety of unique modifications and changes. And while the company itself changed hands several times of the course of its existence, it managed to remain a topic of interest in the UK for decades. In fact, the UK government even stepped up once to try and save LDV by assisting in their asset recovery and aiding in secure financing.

However, while the company could not make it – finally disappearing into SAIC Motor in 2010- the quality vehicles they produced are still proudly on the road today. The models created and produced by the company included the Convoy, Pilot, Cub, and Maxus, the latter of which is still produced today by its buyout company. This alone is a testament to its durability and impressive dedication to existence. However, the two most well-known and still commonly seen vehicles on the road today are the Convoy and Pilot. Both of which ended their run in 2006. Since then, they have maintained their spot in van history and are still popular purchased in the commercial vehicle world.

The Pilot stands as one of those unique vans that capture a sense of tradition and history while maintaining modern power. The Pilot is still a popular choice for commercial fleets, meaning it is not only seen on the road, but is often seen. The van was based on more traditional models, including those built in the rise of the van craze in the early 1960’s and 1970’s. Because of this, the Pilot held a special appeal to those more vintage fans but still pushed forward as a modern and growing vehicle. The Pilot featured a traditional extended wheelbase which added to potential payload, stability, and the well-known side loading profile.

The Convoy, on the other hand, made its break as a freight vehicle. The Convoy was based very heavily on the earlier Freight Rover 300 Series which rose to popularity during the mid-1980’s. This means the vehicle lost a bit of its vintage appeal but made up for the loss in spades with its functionality. And while the vehicle would come to be replaced by flashier models in the late 2000’s, it remains a respectable choice for freight vans. The final Convoy was built and sold in 2006, however, they are still commonly sold for commercial purposes.

These vehicles make great additions to not only commercial fleets but also to personal van ownership. The key to ensuring their continued longevity is to ensure they are cared for properly. This means routine maintenance and only using approved LDV Parts. This includes parts such as the LDV car battery. Using only a genuine LDV car battery will not only guarantee a safe fit, but ensure the vechile runs the way it was always intended.

For more information on purchasing a LDV car battery or similar parts, contact the 1300 468 931. This will ensure your LDV Vehicle runs properly, safely, and at its very best.


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