23 March 2014

KTM Motorcycle Brand Models And Batteries

Whenever dirt bikes and off road motorcycles are mentioned, they are accompanied by a KTM compliment. This manufacturer has succeeded in creating some of the most efficient off road bikes in the globe. From Atlas-rally to the famously known Paris-Dakar rally, the won races speak for themselves. All a dirt bike lover wants is to lay their hands on a KTM motorcycle. Their models are designed for efficiency with tires, engines and controls suitable for rugged terrain racing. This is basically a sports motorbike developed for off-road rallies.

Although the name KTM motorcycle was officially formed in 1992, the establishment has existed since 1950s and its roots can be traced back to the 30s. The original parent company, KTM, ran into some financial problems which led to its split into four different companies that still bear the name. This Australian manufacturer specializes in off-road racing bikes, but has in recent times entered the street bike market. They also manufacture the components, including motorcycle battery. KTM motorcycles are simply outstanding and depict strength, artistic style, high horse-power and speed. Having produced motorcycle for over five decades, there are many models available under various brand lines.

KTM motorcycles are generally famous and known across the world, particularly due to their performance in world rallies. The most popular product lines are SX, XC and ATV dirt bikes but their new street bikes are also gaining fast popularity. One of its popular models is the KTM 1190 adventure bike. Inspired by their 2003 950 Adventure, KTM produced an all-time, all-round street bike that graced motorbike racing. The 1190cc Adventure combines dirt capability with innovative electronics to deliver the performance of a sports bike in any situation. Known for its go-and-whoa traction management on the asphalt, the 1190ADV is suitable for any adventure whether off-road or on the streets.

Another popular motorcycle is the KTM 250 SX-F. There are 2013 and 2014 models with slight enhancements in the latter. This KTM motorcycle category has continued to impress as they hunt MotoUSA 250 win. It is designed with an incredible hydraulic clutch and five-speed transmission boxes to increase performance while reducing weight at the same time. Its brembo brakes are still the best package available in the market both for front and rare. The 2014 motor bike finished second place in the MotoUSA 250 voting. Its jump and recovery are simply incredible and comparable to none.

Other popular bikes include the Duke Super-bike which has received positive critics like all other KTM motorcycles. Some of the elementary aspects that have ensured this manufacturer remains in the top section of best motorbike list are engine power and battery. The KTM motorcycle battery is designed to enable one time start that eliminates the need to kick start before racing. Their bike components are available in many outlets across the globe. For those in Sydney, you can receive repair services or battery replacement anytime of the day, night and week by simply calling 1300 468 931. The performance of your motorcycle, whether off-road or street-bike, depends on its battery condition. Maintaining your battery and engine is therefore very important. Call 1300 468 931 at any time for motorbike services including components repair and replacements.

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