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7 December 2013

The Jetski Batteries

A good jetski must have a reliable battery in order to ski swiftly in the deep waters. Here are some of the jetski batteries available.

1. Marine Stowaway Starting 
There are inboard and outboard motor batteries that are customized to offer high power delivery for starting an engine. The battery has also been designed to accommodate loading of standard accessories. The batteries have been built with a maintenance free calcium flooded lead acid. They also have glass-matt separators, which help to prevent vibration. They have a rugged construction as well as a carry handle.
o These batteries have a high starting power performance
o It also has a reverse capacity and
o A dual terminal for fitting any accessory easily.

2. Marine Stowaway Double Purpose
The dual purpose batteries of this type are customized to offer power for boats with a single battery bank that are used for accommodating any extra accessory or starting the boat. They have been designed with a glass-matt separator and thicker calcium plates. They also have a diverse, active material that balances the starting ability. This has been combined with cycling, which helps to offer a sufficient double purpose power. These batteries must be placed in an upright position when using them. They can also work perfectly in a closed, ventilated place and they are the most preferred out of Gel and AGM.

o They have a cycling ability
o They come with sure grip handles for a firm hold when carrying them.
o Thick plates, glass-matt separator and dual terminals, for the sake of extra accessories.

3. Heavy Commercial 
This collection has a wide selection of batteries that are designed with toughness, for the sake of running heavier units. This is the most ideal battery choice if you are planning to caravan, camp, use for your motor homes, Marine applications and light commercial. They also have a high starting power, a reserve capacity and fill vents that are easily accessible.

4. Marine Stowaway AGM Deep Cycle
The Absorbed Glass Matt – AGM batteries are diverse from other flooded lead acid. This is because the electrolyte (acid) has been seized in the separators that are sponge-like. These separators have been woven in order to attach the acid to the cells and enhance the active surface area of the battery. They have a cycling capacity, have been designed with an AGM technology and handles with sure grip. They also have dual terminals that promote the addition of accessories.

5. Gell Cell Marine Starting
These are the most ideal battery choice for yachts and leisure boats as they have a cycling and hybrid starting application. They have also been designed with a Gell Cell technology and their handles can fold, which promotes easier storage.

There are several other batteries that will offer high performance delivery as well as a high starting power. They can be carried around easily, thanks to the easy grip handles, and some are foldable, which eases the storage. Some can even be used in motor homes, due to their high power delivery and the ability to run different accessories, with dual terminals.


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