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5 June 2014

The Iveco Brand

Among the leading heavy commercials across the world is Iveco. The name technically stands for Industrial Vehicle Company, which typically manufactures heavy commercials like trucks or vans. The vehicles are designed and built in medium, light and medium categories. Some of the vehicles manufactured include commercial vehicles, city buses and construction site/quarry vehicles. They also manufacture special purpose vehicles like those for fire fighting, the military, and off-road special missions.

In 1975, Iveco was integrated with 5 leading brands, which were Magirus-Deutz, Unic, Fiat, OM and Lancia Special Vehicles. These companies were owned by France, Germany and Italy, and this made Iveco a powerful brand in the manufacturing of industrial vehicles. After the incorporation, Iveco launched its first vehicle that was a small commercial vehicle. The vehicle was reliable as well as structurally fit for the relevant purposes. It later on built the first engine that was run by turbo diesel used in heavy commercial vehicles. The model was also built with a heavy Iveco car battery that made the huge machine to run powerfully on the road.

One of the most common Iveco models is the Iveco Stralis, which stand to be among the most fuel and cost effective trucks that range in 44tones. This truck comes in various models ad it is capable of carrying out various missions. It has several features like 3 engine models, 3 cabin designs and three heights. All these models are specifically meant for their different missions. It gives a varied Driveline compilation that includes the selection of Cursor 13, 10 and 8 engines. The truck also has high engine powers of up to 450hp. It boasts a gearbox of up to 16-speeds of manual transmission and 12-speeds of automatic transmission. It also has a powerful Iveco car battery that runs it efficiently.

The Iveco Daily is another model that mostly comes in van, pickup and off-road truck versions. The truck has a ground clearance of about 30cm as well as a four-by-four system. It was specifically crafted to fit in the rough terrains, whether loaded or not. It can be used in fire fighting, snow ploughing or for emergency situations. The Iveco car battery used in this model also boosts its resilience in offering top quality performance.

The Iveco brand will always be the one to choose, especially if there is a need for a heavy job of transportation. Whether in a construction site, for a moving company, or daily use in delivering or any other heavy commercial activity, an Iveco truck will always deliver the most ideal service. You must ensure that you have a reliable Iveco car battery in order to be sure of a safe and comfortable transit. In case your battery fails and you live near the Sydney area, you can call Roadside Response on 1300 468 931 for a reliable Iveco car battery replacement. You might be on your way to a long distance journey, so if your battery fails, it might be so disappointing.
You will also be given a friendly and affordable battery quote when you call 1300 468 931. The technician will report to your destination within a few minutes and you will be sure of getting back on the road.


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