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19 March 2014

The Icon of the Motorcycle Industry – Harley-Davidson and its ideal bike battery replacement

The Harley-Davidson Brand motorcycles are probably the most famous motorcycle brand around the globe and based in Wisconsin, United States. Bill Harley and Arthur Davidson built the first Harley-Davidson in a shed in 1903 and on their wooden shed was scrawled, “Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Company.” A mere two years later, the two men opened the first Harley-Davidson dealership and sold three motorcycles. A year later the world saw the first ever motorcycle catalogue produced with the official Bar & Shield logo only patented later in 1909, the trademark of the world-famous motorbike.

In 1912, the motorcycle giant expanded to Japan with the US network extending to two hundred branches. A year later, the racing department is formed and another year later, they manufactured the first sidecar. During their twentieth year of existence, the manufacturers were officially the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturers with models available in 67 different countries. In 1928, the world saw the first twin cam engines in the JD series models, reaching speeds of up to 100 mph. They continued to make history with the 45 cubic inch V-twin engines on the D-models in 1929. Harley-Davison continued strengthening and throughout their more than hundred years in existence manufactured iconic motorcycles varying in specifications. Although all models are each distinctly favored by any Harley enthusiast, some have proven more popular for several reasons.

The XL Sportster series the manufacturers first produced from 1957 to compete with foreign motorcycle manufacturers are one model we look at. Sporting telescoping front forks, 55-cubic inch V-twin engine and overhead valve, the Sportster was the fastest Harley they ever manufactured at the time. At that time, Harley sales dropped due to rider’s attraction in riding the smaller British model motorbikes, thus the shift in manufacturing the smaller Sportster. It differed from previous models in various ways except size, drive chains and shifters moved from the usual left side to be located on the right side of the bike. The original engine used in the Sportster those years was the Ironhead, which changed in 1986 to the Evolution engine. Until 2003, the manufacturers mounted the engine directly to the motorcycle’s frame and only in 2004; Harley-Davidson started using rubberized mount in connecting the engine. This model saw yet another change in 2005 when mechanized speedometers replaced the older electronic speedometer.

Harley-Davidson’s latest, The LiveWire is definitely worth mentioning as they completely changed the way the public sees a Harley. It is unlike any of the bikes before and neither, does it sound or perform like the rest of the brand. Although it is not a production model yet, it went on its debut LiveWires tour around Europe and the United States in July 2014. Always using high-quality components the manufacturers reported that the wheels with its hollow spokes are the lightest aluminum hey ever produced. Cast iron aluminum perimeter frame is used for the battery box, weighing only 14 pounds. With no need for an exhaust system for the electric bike, the result is unlike any Harley ever seen tightly packed, clean and no frivolous details. The bike uses a lithium-ion battery, charging at 220 volts in three hours.

Harley-Davidson only used the finest quality components and materials in the manufacturing of their motorcycles; however, a Harley-Davidson motorbike battery is something that needs replacing from time to time. One place you never want to leave your bike is on the open road and if ever you are stranded in Sydney due to a faulty battery, the number to call is 1300 468 931. Stockists to all makes and models of cars and motorcycle batteries, including Harley-Davidson motorcycle/motorbike battery you have 24/7 roadside assistance at unbeatable prices with no-delay responsive. Call 1300 468 931 for quotes on battery replacement or call out service in the Sydney area.


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