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20 January 2014

The Hyundai Brand, History and Car Battery Replacement

The Hyundai brand is known to make cars that are super reliable, technically, their car models are loyal, in accordance with performance, to the user. Hyundai is a South Korean brand that began as a self-grown company, but recently joined the Hyundai Kia Automotive Group. This company has grown popular over the years and it has also gained popularity in Europe and America. It has sold more than 1 million cars all over the world and still have some people who prefer their reliability.

Hyundai was founded by Chun Ju Yung, who came from a poor farmer’s family, back in 1967. This was after the world war and the political environment was unfriendly to local Automotives. It was stated that it was better to import cars, rather than depend on local manufactured models. Nevertheless, Chun still pursued his dream and managed to spread the merchandise over the world. Currently, Hyundai has several manufacturing branches in the U.S, Turkey, India, China, Brazil and Czech Republic. The company focused on manufacturing models with reliable Hyundai car battery to enhance the performance.

One of the most common Hyundai models as for now is the 2014 Hyundai Tucson, which also featured in the 2014 World Cup commercials. There are three selections of this model, including the GLS, the Limited and the SE. The Tucson GLS has a 4-cylinder of 2.0ltrs, which offers a total of 151 ft/lb of torque and 164 horsepower. The SE and Limited model uses a 2.4lt 4-cylinder that offers a horsepower of 164 and torque of 177 ft-lb. They all feature a 6-speed transmission, which is super reliable on the road.

Hyundai Sonata of 2014 is another choice of brand that is the people’s favourite. It also has the Limited, the SE and GLS trims. However, all the three trims have a Hyundai car battery that offers quality performance on the road. They are also triggered by a horsepower of 190 and an engine of 2.4ltr, 4-cylinder. The Sonata SE has more horsepower, while the limited is more luxurious, but they all have a 6-speed transmission that is automatic.

One of the things that make the Hyundai car models be loved by several motorist is the reliability they have on the road. A Hyundai car will barely fail you, especially when you are driving on a long journey. This is mostly factored by a reliable Hyundai car battery. Nevertheless, you might come across situations where your car has failed you, probably due to a futile battery. When such a time comes, and you are around Sydney, you can call Roadside Response on, 1300 468 931 and you will be served soon enough. This company is a 24/7 service company that will ensure your car is back on the road within the shortest time possible.

You can also call 1300 468 931 if you need a car battery quote, prior to changing your current battery. You should not wait until the car has stopped on the road, which might cost you time and money as well. Make your call and stay ahead of your time and money budget. Enjoy the service that comes to you soon enough, after just making one phone call.


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“I left my lights on overnight, your jump-start service is a life saver. Off to work now! thanks..”

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Thanks for the great service. I didn’t realise that getting a battery delivered and installed cost less than buying it in the shops. I’ll be telling all my mates about Roadside Response.

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My car broke down (nothing to do with a battery) on my way to work – my thanks to your company for employing staff who give such wonderful attention they gave to an elderly lady

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“No Road Assist Membership & needed a jumpstart at the Airport, 45 minutes from start to finish, great job!”

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Roadside Response keep our rental van on the move 24/7. There nationwide coverage and pay to use platform is just perfect to help me keep my maintenance costs low & my vehicles on the go!

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Self Move Hire

I used your battery replacement service yesterday and want to compliment you on the quality of service supplied by your team and especially the representative who attended my request. I am very satisfied with the solution he provided.

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I wanted to drop a quick note to say that although Garry had to fight a lot of traffic to get to me he was very professional, friendly and helpful.

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Keero was really helpful over the phone. He asked a couple of questions and we figured out straight away that the problem was most likely a dead battery. Phil was in the area and arrived in less than 40 minutes. Got a new battery and I was back up and running again. Thanks guys.

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I ran out of fuel on the way to work and Response came to the rescue, 1 hour in all that traffic was just amazing. Saved my day

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