12 May 2014

The history of Sterling trucks

Sterling Trucks has been the truck company of Daymler in the US for almost eleven years. The company started its life in 1997 when Ford sold its heavy duty trucks division to Daymler North America. They re-branded it to Sterling Truck Company and proceeded forward in manufacturing trucks all the way to 2009 when the company dissolved in favor of RAM Trucks. They used to sell trucks from light to medium pick-ups all the way up to heavy duty trucks that you could use like real tools.

Considering the company was on the market for only eleven years they managed to build some pretty awesome trucks. Most of them were based either on Dodge chassis with a body that was reminiscent of the old Ford heavy duty trucks and others used Dodge chassis with the body made in the style of other Dodge trucks. For example, there was a truck based on the RAM 4500/5500 that used all its internal components and had the same body except its front which was changed in order to better suit the company’s design scheme. Let’s take a look at two of the most successful of their trucks.

The first we’ll look into is the Sterling Bullet. This was a medium to heavy duty pick-up truck that was best suited for people who worked in the heavy industry. It was rugged, it didn’t use that much fuel at all and it was also quite reliable. The truck was largely based on the RAM 5500, so it used Dana front and rear differentials that could be locked if needed (only for the four wheel drive model). The engine in it was an inline 6 Cummins with a displacement of 5.7 liters. It was good for around 230 horsepower and 400 lb-ft of torque making it perfect for towing and carrying things around.

The other model we’ll take a look into is the Sterling Acterra. This was a heavy duty truck from when the company first started. It used a Dodge chassis with either a Cummins 5.7 liter turbocharged diesel engine or a Hemi V8. Both of them were equally impressive but the Cummins was better suited to heavy workloads. The main difference between it and other models was the fact that the Acterra actually used a Ford LNT cab rather than a Dodge provided one because the cab better suited the company’s design scheme.
Considering these trucks are quite old by now you might run into some issues with the Sterling truck battery and you might think that because they are now defunct there is nothing left to do. Well, you’re wrong because you could give us a call at 1300 468 931 and we’ll make sure that you get a proper replacement in the shortest time possible. Also, if you kept your truck unused for more than a year then make sure that you get a new Sterling truck battery by calling 1300 468 931 because, as we all know, batteries can let us down when we need them most and getting a replacement one from us will assure you that you truck will start in the harshest conditions no matter what!

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