16 April 2014

When Your Hino Truck Battery Needs Replacement in Sydney

In the automotive industry the manufacturer Hino Motors, Ltd., or merely Hino as they are referred to, was founded in May 1942. The Japanese manufacturer with its headquarters in Hino-shi, Tokyo is Asia’s leading manufacturer of medium and heavy-duty diesel trucks. Hino is one of the wholly owned subsidiaries of the Toyota motor Corporation. At the end of World War ll, Hino formally concentrated on the diesel engine markets, heavy-duty trailers and buses, moving away from the former production of large diesel engines used in marine applications.

Concentrating on customers during 1948, the manufacturers added the word “Diesel” officially naming the company Hino Diesel Industry Co., Ltd. The first heavy duty TH10 saw the light in 1950, equipped with a 7-liter DS10 diesel engine. As an eight-ton truck, it was considerably larger than existing trucks available in Asia. Hino did have a brief hand in the private car market from 1953, but ceased car production after joining the Toyota Group in 1967. Since the 1970’s Hino has expanded to Canada, with Hino Motors Canada Ltd. With its head office in Mississauga, Ontario, they are the exclusive Hino products distributor in Canada. In November 2007, the US started its own Hino manufacturing plant in West Virginia, called Hino Motors Manufacturing U.S.A., Inc.

Hino’s heaviest truck built to date is the 700 series, which was first manufactured in 2007. Still manufactured today it has always been a very popular model and changes have been seen made through the years. With its cab-over engine segment the exterior design remained relatively unchanged, and standard without the ability to raise eyebrows in admiration. However what is under the hood is what really matters and Hino does not disappoint. The Hino 700 wheel base length options ranges from 4005 mm – 4575 mm with gross vehicle mass of 28. 300 kg. The 700 series offers three different engine sizes that develop 430, 445, and 480 horsepower respectively. A key feature of the Hino 700 is differentials between rear axle cross lock and interaxle.

A popular model is the Hino 300 High Power with new 920 and 921; 5-liter four cylinder engines Turbocharged and intercooled diesel engines delivering 151 kW of power. The 600Nm torque offers eighteen percent more torque than any of its rivals. The engine is paired with either a six speed manual transmission or six-speed auto transmission with double overdrive. These high horsepower models of Hino come standard with a column-stalk operated engine brake. Fuel consumption fir this Hino 300 High Power returns 16.7 liters to 100 km.

Stuck on the road is something all truckers want to avoid, but in the event of a faulty Hino truck battery, simply call 1300 468 931 if you are in Sydney. Hino uses only quality parts in their sturdy trucks including the batteries, however it is something that needs replacing and all model Hino truck batteries are kept in stock for those unexpected breakdown. 24/7 roadside assistance when you call 1300 468 931 in the Sydney area.

No fees and no registration required when you call 1300 468 931 for a free quote on Hino truck batteries. In Sydney it is the number one place for all batteries for all make and model truck batteries with unbeatable prices.

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