4 August 2014

Get Quality Hyosung Motorbike Battery Replacement Services In Sydney

In 1957, a company by the name Hyosung group was established in Korea. The company dealt with a lot of industrial stuffs such as textile production, heavy machinery and chemical products. It also provided construction and IT services in Korea. In 1978, a new branch of the company by the name Hyosung motors and machinery was founded. After one year, Hyosung motors & machinery inc. produced its first motor cycle licensed by Suzuki Motor Company from Japan. It continued to produce and release motorcycles till 1987 when its research and development center in Hamamatsu was complete. That is when the company manufactured its own first motorcycle design.

During this time, Hyosung motors was selected as the official motorbike manufacturer of the 1988 summer Olympics in Seoul. In 2003, Hyosung motorbikes separated itself from Hyosung group and was acquired by S&T Motors of Korea in 2007. Hyosung motors has expended massively since it has branches in Japan, Europe and United States. In 2005, it invaded the U.S market which was predominantly taken by big companies such as Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha and Kawasaki motor companies. However, it still managed to pull a section of the market despite the presence of these “big four” motorcycle companies. The following is an outline of their two most popular motorbikes:

The most popular motorbike from this company is the 2014 Hyosung GT650R. The motorbike rose to fame because of its powerful engine. The engine has a maximum power of 52.5Kw at 9500 revolutions per minute and a torque of about 60.9Nm at 7250 revolutions per minute. The chassis is made of light material which is durable and resistant to all bad weather conditions. In terms of speed, flexibility, and durability, the motor bike also has a quality breaking system. The front breaks have semi-floating double discs and 4 piston clippers while the rear has a single disc with 2 pistons that have the ability to reduce the bike’s speed from 100 to 0 within a few seconds.

The second most popular motor bike from Hyosung Motors Company is the 2014 Hyosung ST7 Deluxe which is a cruiser motor bike. Its engine has a displacement of 678.2 cc and the engine has a maximum power output of 46 kw at 8,000 revolutions per minute and a maximum torque of 57.3Nm at 7000 revolutions per minute. When it becomes to the body, it’s made of fine aluminium metal. Also,the rear end has a swing arm with a hydraulic double shock absorber for rear end shock absorption. In summary, this model has the best features any excellent cruiser motorbike should have.

All Hyosung motorbikes are not meant to remain in the same condition they were bought in. This means that they are subject to wear and tear. One of the most vulnerable parts to wear and year is the battery. Lucky enough, Roadside Response has the solution to all Sydney dwellers that need Hyosung motors company battery replacement for all its models. By calling 1300 468 931, you will be able to get battery replacement for your motorcycle in a short period of time. Just dial 1300 468 931 and experience the best Hyosung motorbike and battery replacement services offered by Roadside Response.

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