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22 May 2014

Get Quality Datsun Battery Car Replacement In Sydney

Before the Datsun brand name came into existence, there was an automobile called DAT car in 1914 that was owned by Kaishinsha motor works in Azabu-Hiiro district in Tokyo. DAT was acronym meant to stand for Kenjiro Den, Rukuro Aoyama and Meitaro Takuechi who were the partners of the company. The firm was renamed Kaishinsa Motorcar co. In 1918 and in 1925, the brand name was changed to DAT Motorcar Co. The company has gone a lot of transformations since its establishment in 1911. From change of ownership, change of car models, expanding the market among many other changes. Despite these changes, the quality of the cars manufactured has not stagnated. Every year, the company produces an improved model of the previous model. No wonder it has managed to stay relevant all those years.

Since then up to now, Datsun is still in the market manufacturing cars of the highest quality. They use high-tech technology, quality frames, powerful engines with a lot of power as well as durable materials to make the cars stand out and withstand the existing environmental conditions.The following is a detailed description of the company’s top models ever produced and made a heavy impact into the world of cars.

One of the best models ever produced by Datsun is the 2014 Datsun Go+. The model has a 96.5 inch wheel base together with six-spoke covers on the mini wheel and the tyre package. It is also made of a large rounded badge in a chrome filled honeycomb grille up front which makes it unique when on the road. The engine size for this model is 1.2 litre gasoline with a peak power of 68 revolutions per minute and a peak torque of about 104 revolutions per minute. 2014 Datsun Go can reach a maximum of 94km/h and can accelerate up to 60km/h in just 14.8 seconds.

The second most popular model by Datsun Company is the Datsun on Do that was launched in India by Datsun. This model has some of the best interior features such as an air conditioning system as well as manual climate control, airbags, and a central locking system. It also has a pull type parking break that is mounted on to the dash with a simple handle for disengaging the brakes. On the other hand, the doors and the car windows are easy to adjust just in case. For safety purposes, this model is equipped top notch quality airbags to prevent serious injuries in case of an accident.


As usual, there is no car single car model that has a battery that can last forever. This means that owning Datsun cars too calls for battery replacement after some time. If you own a Datsun car of any model in Sydney and the battery breaks down, don’t hesitate to call Roadside Response on 1300 468 931 for a quick Datsun car battery replacement. Roadside Response not only delivers the battery but also fixes it for you at no extra cost. The batteries are of the highest quality and the price is very much friendly. Also, our Datsun Car battery is well stored and maintained according to the manufacturer’s demands.


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