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17 March 2014

The Ducati History and Model Performance

When it comes to motorcycles, the first thing that comes in mind is speed. What makes it more specific is the Ducati brand, which is well known for its unmatched speed. The brand manufactures top motorcycle models that are comfortable as well as fast. Some of these motorbikes are super luxurious that they surpass the price of some cars. If you see a Ducati motorcycle at the moment, you will barely believe how the company started out.

In 1926, the Ducati Company was formed, however, not as a motorcycle company, but as a radio equipment company. One Engineer, Antonio Cavalieri Ducati formed the company along with his 3 sons, Marcello, Bruno and Adriano. Later on, in around 1946, the company experimented on the first motor bicycle called the 50cc Cucciolo motor. Further advancements were made as the years went by and as of now, Ducatti makes a number of stylish racing motorcycles. The Ducati motorcycle/motorbike battery used in the models is made with a powerful ability of maintaining a top speed on the road. These motorcycles have been well known to feature in World Superbike championships. There have been a number of Ducati motorbikes featured in leading video games as well.

The Radical Ducati Café Veloce stands to be one of the most popular models of motorcycle. It is a 2010 model of the SportClassic category that has a super reliable performance. It uses GT1000 as its base and the engine has been balanced enough. It also features a lightweight flywheel and has an EVR dry slipper clutch rather than a wet clutch. The customized GT1000 tank has been complimented to fit a racing style and the frame is short enough for extra comfort. The suspension in front uses Monster Ohlins and S2R shocks that elevate the rear of the bike. The Ducati motorcycle/motorbike used is also stable enough and won’t over heat even at a high speed.

The Ducati 1098 is also a common model that has a dohc 1099cc V-twin, which makes it have an extra high performance while riding. It also has a Testastretta Evoluzione engine that is suspended in a top notch treliss steel chassis. This is has been fitted with a completely flexible suspension and a swing-arm that is only on one side. Without any fuels in it, the bike weighs about 422 pounds and there are also models with Ohlins suspension. You can also find the Tricolore version that has a motif paint of the Italian flag as well as a Termignoni exhaust, which also enhances performance. The Ducati motorcycle/motorbike battery is also customized to avoid overheating while riding. This gives you a safe and enjoyable ride.

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