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23 July 2014

Daelim motorbike & battery replacement

Daelim motor produces the iconic Daelim brand of motorcycles. It started manufacturing motor bikes in the year 1962 and since then has become one of the most well-known South Korean brand for motorbikes under 250 cc. The current models produced by the company include S2 125, Delfino, E-Five, S2 250, Daystar and Roadwin. The motorbikes produced by Daelim are designed to be efficient and reliable. Most of the motorbikes produced by the manufacturer have a top speed of under 140 km/h. They have also collaborated with various Japanese motorbike manufacturers to produce highly efficient and functional motorbikes.

The very first model which was designed by the company on its own was called Altino and it was very successful. It was the first 100 cc bike developed by the company on its own. After the initial success, the model NS 125 was introduced in the year 1997. This was the first Daelim model which used a four valve engine in a motorbike. This model is currently selling well in both domestic and international markets.

The year 1998 saw the popular Delfino scooter. It was the first 100 cc scooter launched by the company. It sold very well as it not only looked stylish but also gave excellent performance. There was no other model available in the market which could compete with its performance and price. This year also saw the introduction of the model DayStar. This model was powered by a 125 cc engine. Buyers appreciated the classic styling and excellent performance of these scooters. In the year 2002, the company introduced the major ATS. With this model, the company managed to finally crack the business motorcycle class.

Over the years, Daelim has invested a lot of money in research and development to come up with more efficient and highly functional models. Most of these models provide good fuel efficiency and are one of the favorites of city dwellers who need something small to move around in the city. These are especially popular with young college graduates and older community.

Even though all of the motorbike models produced by the Daelim motors are highly reliable, one needs to maintain the motorbikes to continue to extract good performance. However, in case you have Daelim battery trouble, you can get stranded on the road without immediate battery replacement. If you are ever in such a situation in Sydney, you do not need to worry. Just  call our number 1300 468 931 and we will give you an instant quote for the battery replacement. You can rest assured that the price of the replacement will be low. Also, this battery replacement service works 24 x 7 and so you can call us at any time.

Also, there is no need to pay any annual fee or call out fee to the service. The technician will come and replace your faulty battery for free. A huge majority of the calls are served within 50 minutes of the call. Therefore, if you are having battery trouble in Sydney at any time, give a call to 1300 468 931 and get the Daelim motorbike battery replaced easily.


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