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19 July 2014

Chopper motorbike & motorcycle

The movement for chopper motorcycles has been in existence ever since the motorcycles came into vogue. Most of the enthusiasts modify the original motorcycle design to make them lighter, faster and better looking. Most of the choppers feature long front ends with extended frame and an increased rake angle. Most of the choppers also feature a set of sissy bar, name given to the set of tubes connecting the frame and the rear fender. Almost all of the choppers have their front fender, turn signals, speedometers, chain guards, electric starters and other parts removed.

In the 1940s, the modified motorcycles were known as bobbers. However, in the 60s, a particular style was beginning to take hold of most of the modifications being made by people. Most of the people used the big Harley-Davidson motorcycles to convert into a chopper. In this era, most of the choppers used to have larger 21 inches or 19 inches wheels, big sized forward mounted foot paddles and a smaller fuel tank and headlight. Most of the parts added to the choppers were chromed. These are the years, when the term chopper came into existence and became popular.

Many chopper builders came into existence and became popular in this age. One of the first famous chopper builders was Arlen Ness in USA. All of the choppers made by him had longer low flames and heavily angled front ends. Also his bikes had Springer front ends. Most of the choppers made by Ness made use of the Harley-Davidson sports motorbike. The specialty of this engine was that transmission was housed in the same unit as the motor and therefore it was found most useful for the stripped down choppers.

The choppers became mainstream in the 1980s when Harley-Davidson released their softail design, which was inspired by the choppers. It also included the narrow 21 inches front wheels as well as the high frame. There was a decrease in the interest in choppers as this model from Harley-Davidson proved to be successful and now buyers had access to an alternative model without going to a chopper maker. However, this also forced many other parts makers to innovate and within a few years the choppers rebounded. Now, many different companies build many different parts for choppers.

As discussed above, the choppers are made from using many different components from different manufacturers. However, similar to other motorbikes, the performance of a chopper is dependent on the battery in addition to the engine and other components. If the chopper battery gives away in the middle of the road, you will be stranded without a replacement battery. However, you do not need to worry as there is one service which can replace the battery for free and will reach out to you, wherever you are in Sydney. Whenever you have Chopper motorbike battery trouble in Sydney, just give a call to the number 1300 468 931 to get a free quote for the chopper battery. The technician from the service will respond within a few minutes of your call and the battery will be replaced immediately.

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