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30 August 2014

Car battery charging tips

The car battery is an integral complex component of an automobile hence must be handled and looked at to ensure its optimal performance. Charging car battery is very essential as this will help maintain it hence serve for longer a period unlike if they are mishandled and not taken care of. When charging the battery; utmost care must be observed otherwise you may end up damaging your battery. The following car battery charging tips if followed closely will give the best performance of your battery:-

Does your battery need charging?

This is the first and most important step when you want to charge the battery of your car. Scrutinize and be sure that your battery needs charging since if it is charged while full; chances are that the internal components of the battery may be damaged. When the car battery has stayed for long without use, it is recommended that you charge it before use. On the other hand, if involved in an accident, the battery may be drained off completely hence need for charging to give it the necessary power needed by the car. Finally if the battery ages, it is important to charge it as it may not be able to store power for long. Hence the question, does your car battery need charging must be answered before doing anything with it.

Type of car battery

Different cars may use different kinds of batteries hence need to know the battery that your car uses before buying the charger. Go through the manufacturer’s manual and understand the instructions and all the guidelines which have been given in respect to your type of car and the battery. The manual will explain how to handle the battery, and the type of charger which if used will give you the best result when charging the battery. This is a critical step and if it happens that there are some technicalities which you are not well versed with, never be afraid from asking specialists. The specialist will give you the right advice and the way forward in regard to charging your battery. Remember, if you consult today, tomorrow you can do the charging without having to consult again.

Safety regulations

Battery manufacturers always give safety measures and instructions when charging batteries. The chargers come with compatibility instructions and the required voltage which ought to be followed for better results. Before attaching the charger to the terminal clamps of the battery, make sure that the charger is off. It is also highly recommended that you take the car to a well ventilated place or an area free from sparks or open flames as they are likely to pose danger to you and the people around. Before charging your battery car, it is advisable that you go through the manufacturers’ manual to ascertain whether you are doing the right thing or not especially when it comes to settings. This is an important step as it will help avoid overheating which may end up damaging the battery. In terms of dress code, put on safety glasses to protect your eyes from gas which maybe produced by sulfuric acid. Adhere to charging times as stipulated by the manufacturer.

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