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17 July 2014

The Can-Am Motorbike & Motorcycle

Launched in 1973 as a division of Bombardier Recreational, the Can-Am motorcycle has truly remained as one of the company’s highlight products. Helping Bombardier Recreational break out from the shadow of it’s snowmobile segment, Can-Am truly helped Bombardier Recreational establish itself as an out of the box motorbike manufacturing company which changed the rule of the game in every possible way. But what has been even more enjoyable to watch is the way Can-Am pushed the boundaries and experimented with various designs, which was previously unheard of by any other motorbike and motorcycle battery manufacturing company.

The Early Day’s Of Can-Am Motorbikes

Before embarking on creating a product line of their own, the journey of Can-Am started as an Enduro and Motocross Bike engine production company. And under the guidance of Motocross legend Jeff Smith and engineer Gary Robinson, Can-Am did the impossible and started raking in gold by the dozen. A fact which truly helped the brand establish itself as a global player and create a sturdy platform for its future. But the journey of Can-Am was cut short as Bombardier Recreational shifted away from the brand in the early 80’s and licensed an England based company, Armstrong-CCM Motorcycles for production and sales. Seeing 1987 as the last year of production for Can-Am. However, with the continuous drop in sales, Bombardier Recreational were forced to relaunch Can-Am  in an desperate attempt to save the company and there has been no looking back since.

Meet The Can-Am Spyder

Making up for its 19 year long absence, Can-Am was quick to recapture its lost audience with the Can-Am Spyder. And what has helped the Can-Am Spyder become so popular with the masses is its unique three wheel design, which can take on the toughest roads and roughest terrains with relative ease. Although there are many people who might frown at the very idea of a three wheel bike, the Can-Am Spyder’s 6 speed transmission and 115 HP engine is more than enough to tame the imagination of even the most demanding rider. And the powerful two front tires and overpowering single rear tire along with its comfortable seating, makes it possible to enjoy all roads with your loved ones a breeze. Something which is never possible with traditional bikes.

The ATV Revolution

For those who cant resist the love of riding and a decent ATV, the Can-AM 6X6 ATV is the perfect motorbike there is. Giving riders the complete freedom to master roads and terrains alike with its overwhelming 6 X 6 drive, the ATV is a must have for anyone. Backed by a powerful 1000 CC and 650 CC SOHC engine, the Can-Am is capable of mastering any terrain with relative ease. And unlike other ATV’s, you don’t have to compromise on performance or fear unwanted breakdowns with changing terrains.

With the Can-Am Spyder and ATV emerging as the most prominent makes from Can-Am Motorcycle , the revolution in the world of motorbikes has only begun. And being backed by the powerful Can-Am, there is not telling what we may get to see next.


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