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13 July 2014

Buell motorbike & motorcycle battery

Buell motorcycle was started in the year 1983 by an ex Harley-Davidson engineer Erik Buell, who wanted to design his own racing motorcycle. Since then, the company has come a long way and has introduced many iconic racing motorcycle models in the market. Some of the most well-known models of Buell motorcycles are 1125R, Ulysses XB12T, 1125CR and 1125RR. Even though the brand was completely acquired by Harley-Davidson motorcycles in the year 2003, it continued to produce iconic motorcycles as a separate product line of the Harley-Davidson brand. Overall, more than 136,000 Buell motorbikes have been manufactured and sold till date.

Buell motorcycles had a very interesting history. It built its first model, RW 750, in the year 1983 for competing in the Formula One motorcycle road racing championship. However, the championship was cancelled and the founder of the company started looking to make street going machines with focus on racing. In the year 1993, he sold 49% of the stake in the company to Harley-Davidson. In the year 1998, Harley-Davidson Company bought a majority stake and in the year 2003 owned the company fully and ran it as a subsidiary.

The very first model built by the Buell motorcycle company was the RW 750. As mentioned above, it was specially made for the Formula One racing which was later cancelled. As a result, only two such motorcycles were made, one of which was kept by the owner himself and the other one was sold to a private dealer. The second model RR 1000 was brought to the market in the year 1987. It was a street sport bike built using the Harley-Davidson XR 1000 engine. This particular model used the innovative engine mount system which allowed the heavy and vibration prone engine to be steady.

Over the years, Buell motorcycles has introduced many other models in the market such as the S2 thunderbolt, S1 lightning, X1 lightning, S3 thunderbolt, S3T thunderbolt, M2 cyclone and Blast. The Blast model is the only model in the Buell motorcycle range to use a single cylinder engine. It was the smallest model ever produced by Buell motorcycles. It turned out to be a technical success but a financial failure. Buell introduced the XB series in the year 2003 and has produced many models under this range.

Even though the production of Buell motorcycles was halted in the year 2009, the quality components needed for continued good performance of Buell motorcycles are available. Buell motorbike & motorcycle battery is an important component and a faulty battery can bring down the whole bike. However, you do not need to worry in case you are stuck in the middle of the road due to battery issues. You can make a call to 1300 468 931 in Sydney for getting a motorcycle battery quote and a battery for replacement almost immediately. All of the Buell motorcycle batteries are available with the service. They are ready to serve you 24 x 7 and cater to the whole of Sydney.

Another advantage of using the service is that you do not need to pay any kind of annual fee or call-out fee for using the service. Most of the times, a technician from the service will be on the way to you within 2 minutes of your call. So, if you need free battery replacement at the best prices in Sydney, call us on 1300 468 931 at any time.


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