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11 July 2014

BSA Motorbike Brand and BSA Motorcycle Battery Replacement

The BSA motorbike company has a deep and rich history, having produced a vast range of other automobiles like cars and trucks, firearms and ammunition and other general equipment and machinery. Among other areas, the company shone best at motorbikes, making some of the best models in the market.

BSA has a history dating back to 1861, the year it was founded by fourteen gun smiths from the Birmingham Small Arms Trade Association. During this time, it made arms and ammunition. However, the market eventually declined, and it was forced to venture into the production of bicycles in 1880. It made its first motorcycle in 1903. Their line of motorbikes grew from then to develop to some of the best in the market, offering both looks and performance thanks to the highly developed engines and motorcycle battery.

One of the best BSA motorbike models is the BSA Gold Star. It featured 500cc, quite a lot of power back in the 50s. This saw it get rated as one of the best when it came to performance and speed, and was one of the fastest on the tracks in the Isle of Man Clubman and ISDT. The handmade motorcycle further featured a great design and appealing looks. Just as was the culture back then, it had a muscle look to it, and a muscle feeling too thanks to the solid metal. It also came in 350cc with the B32 and BB32 series.

The BSA 500 A7 on the other hand was launched in 1947 after the end of the war. It was quite a sensation for many reasons. For starters, the war had greatly impeded the production of motorcycles for a long time. Furthermore, the motorbike was an ultimate road machine. Its engine produced up to 495 cc of power, ensuring performance and speed on the open road. It further had a classic and elegant look to it, incorporating the best of quality when it came to metal and the material making the seat. This particularly gave it a comfortable feeling, making it very popular back then.

Although the BSA has a great reputation for producing quality machinery and especially BSA motorbike, the motorcycle battery is set to depreciate over time. The rate at which it loses its capacity to produce will depend on maintenance. It may also face other faults that may see it require replacement. Call 1300 468 931 when your motorcycle battery shows signs of damage to get the proper services to keep you on the road. We have a wide range of BSA motorcycle batteries and dedicated technicians to serve your needs.

You should call us on 1300 468 931 if you battery fails you while on the road to avoid getting stranded. Our team of technicians will provide quality services to you from anywhere in Sydney and at any time.


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