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7 July 2014

Big Bear Choppers Motorbike and Motorcycle

Big Bear Choppers is a motorcycle manufacturing company that first came into existence in 1998. It first began specializing in conventional bike building before advancing to the manufacturing of unassembled motorcycles in 2001. Big bear choppers is well-known for providing great personalized products that any willing customer is capable of assembling and building their own personalized custom motorcycle in their own garage. The knowledge and skills imparted in different individuals, the obvious trials and cursing that come before your monster is raised from the ground and the satisfaction henceforth are just some of the basic features that make Big Bear Choppers a force to reckon with in the motorcycle industry.

The company includes everything that’s needed in assembling your bike except the minor stuff such as the fluids and paint. The unassembled motorcycle gets to you in properly labeled bags so it is easy to find everything and know where it should be fitted. It comes inclusive of a 5-hour video tutorial professionally instructing and guiding in the process of building a complete Big Bear Chopper machine.

The Big Bear Choppers Venom ProStreet

This is one of the most powerful machines of BBC. Its low form, unique style and impressive artistic job enable it to stand out from the crowd as an instant knock out. Venom ProStreet is one fancy machine that possesses more agility and perfect maneuverability prowess than you would think possible. Its famous uniqueness lie in its big diameter-single-radius down tube and the famously vaulted Venom swing-arm, this beauty has the ability to comfortably accommodate two people. The passenger seat is appropriately built in Other striking features include the mega- low sit height and the back off handle bars that present an appealing and comfortable riding spot. The BBC’s Venom ProStreet engine is a polished low vibration V111 model which douses 115.8 bhp and 122.8lb/ft torque.

The Big Bear Choppers Sled Chopper

It is a fresh motorcycle designed in a chopper style and escorted with a realistic price tag.

The bike features a fuel tank in a tear-drop design, a tasty drop seat and a huge 300 mm back tire. It can put up with a total weight of 700 lbs. Centrally, it features a polished low vibration V111 engine that’s pasted on Baker six speed overdrive energy conduction. The engine puts out 97 bhp and 113lb/ft torque. It gets its classic look from low rear end and a strong clean frame and backbone.

Apart from the excitement that comes with riding motorcycles, there is also a mechanical side that needs maintaining. For your motorcycle to be in top-gear operating mode, it is recommended that you provide it with regular and proper maintenance. Neglect will cause the shortening of your machine’s lifespan. Simply dial 1300 468 931, to know more on the regular procedures that should be followed to aid in the upkeep of your Big Bear Choppers motorcycle battery in order to keep them in tip-top operating mode. We will fit and test new batteries before imposing any charges on you. To keep your battery running smoothly for longer, you need to keep it in good condition. The humble battery is a very common cause for motorcycle breakdowns and sadly they are uncomfortable to get to and therefore the owner does not check them as often as required. Get into action and dial 1300 468 931 for general maintenance of your motorcycle and battery which will save you unpleasant and embarrassing surprises on the road.




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