19 December 2013

Audi, the brand the cars and the components – From Audi car battery replacement services

Whenever you talk or come across about business-luxury cars its hard to miss the word Audi. The german automobile manufacturer has a presence all over the world and has becoming a go to brand for executive class cars. When you come across the Audi brand you knowingly or unknowingly associate certain values like – Efficiency, power, respect and world class engineering. And its hard not to, the brand has been behind a few albeit very popular car models and has found itself a nice niche in business/executive class cars. The cars have their unique style which never fades off, and the engineering under the hood makes sure the vehicle goes places in top car brands.

Audi was actually formed by joining of four smaller car companies. The four rings in the logo represent the four companies which were merged to form Audi. The word Audi itself is actually a latin translation of the meaning of the founder’s surname “Horch”. “Horch” means listen, which when translated to latin is termed Audi. Audi’s slogan “Vorsprung durch technik” means ‘Advancement through technology’. However Audi has recently updated its slogan in the United States of America as ‘Truth in engineering’. The brand is a part of the “German Big 3”, the three most popular luxury car manufacturers from Germany.

While Audi doesn’t have a long list of very popular car models, the numbered few which did became a hit are still revered today. One of them, the Audi A4, has set a unique standard for style, luxury and performance. The model is so well known that most people refer to Audi with the picture of the car model. The sedan also has a 10 year warranty against rusting of the metal, which is no wonder since the company pays an enormous deal of attention to the components as well as materials used in the vehicle.

The Audi Q7 is another model which has been very popular in the public eye, although for completely different reasons than the A4. The Q7 is a large luxury vehicle which arguably the best interiors in the whole range of luxury cars made by Audi. This car allows room for 7 people, but to be honest the car’s interiors are so exquisite, that you fear of them getting damaged would not allow many people to have the pleasure of riding this masterpiece. The Q7 was first introduced in 1996 at the Los Angeles Motor show and has been popular ever since.

Driving an Audi is a pleasure which should not be restrained in short spans. The engineering inside shines when you use it for those long drives. As the car is made specifically to work with the company’s specified components it would be tough if you get stranded in the middle of your pleasurable experience due to need for replacing a component, specifically the car battery. Audi car battery Gold Coast can be hard to find and verified. However if you are in Australia you can call 1300 468 931 and get an authentic Audi specified car battery to sent to your current location. Its truly a one stop solution for your Audi’s car battery. Call now to keep enjoying the journey endlessly.

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