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3 September 2014

Absorbent Glass Mat Battery : Advantages and Uses

Absorbent Glass Mat Batteries gained popularity in the 1980s and were used primarily for military purposes and in UPS systems. An Absorbent Glass Mat Battery is a sealed lead acid based battery which has the added advantage of being spill proof. A fiberglass mat was present in the battery structure to absorb the excess acid and avoid spills. The battery is comparatively light weight and can be transported easily without any hazardous material related restrictions, due to its spill proof nature. The battery plates can be made flat to fit into the rectangular body of a standard lead acid battery pack or they can be wound into a cylindrical cell.

Absorbent Glass Mat Batteries offer a very low internal resistance, and can deliver high levels of current. Also the battery offers a long lifespan, is practically maintenance free and provides better electrical reliability than standard flooded acid batteries. It can withstand low temperatures and has a very slow self-discharge. Another big factor is the charge time, which is 5 times faster than the flooded type battery. AGM batteries have the ability to deep cycle. The depth of discharge offered by Absorbent Glass Mat batteries is close to 80 percent, while the flooded lead acid version is quoted at 50 percent to reach the exact cycle life.

The slight disadvantage that an Absorbent Glass Mat battery poses is the slightly lower levels of specific energy. Also the manufacturing cost involved in making this battery is higher the flooded variety. The best AGM batteries are in the 30 – 100Ah rage and hence may be less suitable for large UPS assemblies. Absorbent Glass Mat Batteries are built to required dimensions and can be found in top quality vehicles to provide energy to power energy hungry devices like mirrors, steering wheels, heated seats and windshields. Competitive car racing competitions chose Absorbent Glass Mat Batteries because they are vibration resistant and can perform well at extreme pressure.

AGM batteries are also the preferred battery for high end motorcycles. Since the whole battery is sealed in a spill proof body it reduces acid spill during an accident, is easy to install on the vehicle at odd angles and lowers the total weight. Because the battery is resistant to cold temperatures it also finds use in motor home, robotic and marine applications. Since the introduction of the electrical starter motor by Cadillac, lead acid became the primary choice to start up the engine. But the flooded type is not strong enough to handle multiple start stop routines for an extended period. Hence AGM batteries are preferred in this regard.

An Absorbent Glass Mat Battery like most batteries dislikes excess heat and should be installed at a distance from the engine component. If the battery core reaches a temperature of about 49 degree Celsius, you should halt the charge immediately. AGM batteries do not need a topping charge as regularly as the normal flooded type and can be kept in storage for a long period before there is any risk of buildup. Hence Absorbent Glass Mat Batteries are an excellent substitute to the flooded variety.

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